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I made this video as a kick off for the Texas Toast awards at NORA Cup…it was made about two hours after the event wrapped up and it’s based off the prelims video (the reason for the same song). But, I still think it does a pretty damn good job of showing how damn good Toast is as a whole. You can pretty much hear people screaming the entire time and the looseness of the event really comes through. It’s something that Toast, no matter how big it gets, should ever lose. I definitely had a great time this weekend and I’d venture to say that Toast is one of, if not the best events in BMX. Already psyched for 2015…

– Ryan Fudger / Ride BMX


All of the hammers from street finals at Texas Toast 2014. Keep your eyes peeled for an all expansive recap video that we’ll be dropping very soon.

Ride BMX


Ride BMX came through with a more comprehensive look at Sunday Bikes‘ Highest Bunnyhop Challenge. Brett Silva came close to matching up with Broc this year and they both ended up clearing the 48″ mark. As you’ve probably already seen though, Broc took the win by hopping over the whole thing (49″). It’s kinda wild that throughout Texas Toast’s 4 years running, Broc has made over $2,000 in cash and prices from something as simple as a bunnyhop.

Oh and another notable thing about this year’s hop contest is Kyle Hart getting foot loose and stomping an extremely high hop out of a fast-plant.


Street is always a popular and wild event at Toast. We had over 70 riders this year so a lot of crazy shit went down. As always, Ride BMX was there to get photos of everything.

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The dirt finals at Texas Toast this year were nuts, but what more would you expect when you take 15 of BMX’s best dirt riders and throw em on one amazing course. Designed and built by the likes of Dave King, Clint Reynolds, and Jeremy Reiss, the course had this cool shark fin / burm setup, and ofcoarse a nice long and low for dudes to really send it over the last set… And sending it is exactly what they did.

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Dirt Qualifying at Texas Toast was a treat to watch. With so many varying styles, this video from qualifying offers a little bit of everything. From big moves, to triple-trick combos, to the straight steeze cats… No matter what you’re into it’s all here.

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Here’s a whole batch of photos from all the dudes who registered for Dirt this year. There are some wild variations happening in these!

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From the Gantlet of Death, to the high hop contest, the Creedence “More Cowbell” contest, veterans jam, and a brick hubba jam in memory of Mike Tag. Check out all the mini event highlights in this one awesome video.

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One of the best things about Texas Toast is that it isn’t an invite event. All you have to do is sign up in time and pay your money and you’re good to ride…but it also means that there’s 75 dudes taking runs, making the prelims one hell of a long day… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Prelims on the street course were a damn good time and here’s five minutes of highlights for ya. Tomorrow will be nuts.

Ride BMX


The street course at this year’s Texas Toast Jam is absolutely amazing. From roller coaster rails to small wedge setups, step-ups, euro gaps, and other various obstacles, it seems like the course will lend itself well to letting each rider take their own unique approach. This first session was pretty damn crazy, so it’s hard to imagine what’s to come with qualifying and finals. Shit is about to get out of hand to say the least.

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Day 1 at Texas Toast is a wrap and with it came Street / Dirt Practice, the Mike Tag Brick Ledge Challenge, Credence Bikes’ More Cowbell Challenge and the Haro Veteran Contest.

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The Gauntlet of Death technically wasn’t open today but people definitely gave it a go. A lot of people failed but Cory Walsh eventually made it through and Ride BMX happened to be there to watch it all happen.

The Gauntlet doesn’t officially open until Sunday so that should give us plenty of time to make things harder :)


Get a preview of the #TexasToast2014 street course, Gauntlet of Death and dirt jumps.

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