RAVEN featuring Dennis Enarson is now LIVE!  

This is Dennis’ first solo project for Odyssey and by now, you already know he does not disappoint. Addicted to the rush, the man is incapable of not going all out. RAVEN features all types of wild spots along with the moves/stunts to back it all up. Hit play and enjoy.  

Also, congrats to the Enarson’s on the recent birth of their newborn, Raven (who this video is named after). 

Video by Zach Krejmas

Thumbnail Photo by Scott Marceau

LOCAL FARE featuring Master Chef Dev

Our guy Devin Burks (better known as Master Chef Dev) delivers his tasteful blend of skills all around the Denver, Colorado area. That King-sized ender is no joke!! Shoutout to Daniel Camacho for cooking this one up.

Video by Daniel Camacho

Art by Dave Fortman

Additional Filming by Jason Devous


Once again, we handed Aaron Ross a microphone and sent him out to Swampfest ’24 in Florida. His mission was to get the inside scoop on the event while avoiding explosions, flying skateboards and getting stuck in mud. Sit back and enjoy various interviews, assorted riding and overall general craziness. 

Thank you, Trey Jones and the rest of the crew, for another incredible event to remember! 

Video by Zach Krejmas