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I can see clearly now…


It’s been a little while since we first showed the prototype Clear PC pedals at Interbike last year. We had them in the display case in the middle of our booth, and I’m pretty sure I answered more questions about these pedals than anything else.

Since then and throughout the testing stages, they have showed up on various bikes and places including the cover of Ride UK on Davey Watson’s bike.

Sooooo, we are finally psyched to say that the Clear PC’s have arrived in our warehouse and are in transit to our distributors right now. Hit up your local shop for more info.

There are more pics below, and more colors to come throughout the year.

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Terry 37.


go to RIDE to see Terry in his basement? In a fallout shelter? I don’t know, just watch it.

Even More Bike checks. Mike


Fit has a slideshow of Mike’s Proto S3.5



The following new items are shipping out.

J-PEG LIGHTER– Similar to the popular J-Peg lite, but with more machining.

MULTI-BUTTED CIVILIAN BARS– High and Low models now available in black, as well as grey, and red.

RACE VANDERO HUB– Similar to our regular Vandero hub, but with a shorter hollow 3/8’s axle (no pegs) and aluminum hardware.

Contact your favorite shop.


G-Sport t-shirts and sticker pack now available in our online store. Simply click on “store” and then find the “G-Sport” link and you are good to go.

Odyssey titanium cassette axles are also available on the online store, which is the only place you will be able to get them from.

Our thoughts go out to

Our thoughts go out to Colin’s friends and family.


street gap

Jim Cielencki sent us this photo from the weekend with the subject of “This is how you test a rim!!!!”.



Lots of people are in town for the upcoming contests and whatnot.

Jim Cielencki has been here for a couple of days hanging out, shooting photos and updating his bike with some new parts (bike check soon, maybe).

Dave king and Magilla who are in town building jumps for the x-games stopped by yesterday also to hang out and pick up some parts before their flight. It was good to see those guys again.

We will see who else stops by.


Watch out

The folks over at have posted photos of the cars getting prepped to be crashed up.

Here is a shot of Jim Bauer and Ryan Sher doing up their cars.

Should be a good one.



We almost forgot.

New anodized red, blue and grey ELEMENTARY stems are here and shipping too. With or without tabs.