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Once again, we handed Aaron Ross a microphone and sent him out to Swampfest ’24 in Florida. His mission was to get the inside scoop on the event while avoiding explosions, flying skateboards and getting stuck in mud. Sit back and enjoy various interviews, assorted riding and overall general craziness. 

Thank you, Trey Jones and the rest of the crew, for another incredible event to remember! 

Video by Zach Krejmas


Learn more about Matt Nordstrom on the latest UNCLICKED podcast! Tommy Dugan co-host bonus.

Best of 2023 Video

2023 is in the books! Here’s a collection of our favorite clips from various projects and trips last year. Lots of good times. Enjoy!

Video by Zach Krejmas

Additional Filming by Trent Lutzke, Troy Charlesworth, and Jason Prins

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Guest List 6 is now live! Featuring Odyssey’s Bethany Hedrick, who invited GT’s Jesse Gregory. Enjoy!

GUEST LIST is a new series presented by Full Factory Distribution. They’ll ask 1 affiliated rider from the brands they distribute to invite a non-affiliated rider for a day sesh on the private Full Factory ramps. Enjoy!

Video by Scott Marceau

Cover Photo by Jeff Zielinski

New Video:

It’s time to FEAST! Enjoy over 15-minutes of the Odyssey crew with dedicated parts from Boyd Hilder, Santi Laverde and Mikey Andrews. This is definitely a full course meal… sides from Tommy Dugan, Tallon Pemberton, Takato Ueda, Markus Hoyte, Aryei Levenson, Johnny Raekes, Gary Young, Dennis Enarson, Hilario Olivos, Devin Burks, Justin Spriet, Jarren Barboza, and Aaron Ross.

Filmed primarily in Southern California with clips from Texas, Nevada, and New York.

Film/Edit – Zach Krejmas 

Murray Loubser:

Murray Loubser is a versatile rider who can destroy anything put in front of him. However, for this project he took a specific approach and focused in on the various “side walls” (AKA wall-ledges/wedges) around Cape Town and surrounding areas. Here’s what Murray had to say about the project:

The concept of Side walls came about while out on a session with Jason Prins. We were out cruising through the City of Cape Town and happened to ride two side wall spots in succession. Jason then had the idea that we could probably film an entire video just riding these sidewalls, and so the idea was born. It seemed like a fun concept so we started chipping away at getting clips and finding spots. We would drive and pedal around searching for these things all over CPT. Going down so many alleyways and roads in search. I found it funny how many sidewalls were sitting right under our noses, we just had never seen them as a spot before. It proved quite challenging to try do different tricks on the same type of spot. In the end it came down to finding unique sidewalls to get something a bit different for the video. At the same time I found filming just sidewalls quite freeing in a way, it was like I had less to choose from which forced me to use the spots we found. I really enjoyed getting as creative as I could with the spots. All in all I had a real blast filming this project, and Jason Prins absolutely smashed it behind the lens with his unique style and way of capturing my riding and the city’s environment. I hope you enjoy” – Murray

Video by Jason Prins

GUEST LIST 2 with Boyd Hilder and Garrett Reynolds

Guest List 3 is now live! Featuring Odyssey’s Boyd Hilder, who invited Garrett Reynolds! What a duo. Enjoy! 

GUEST LIST is a new series presented by Full Factory Distribution. They’ll ask 1 affiliated rider from the brands they distribute to invite a non-affiliated rider for a day sesh on the private Full Factory ramps. Enjoy!


New Vans INTEGRATION video featuring Dennis Enarson, Perris Benegas, Teresa Williams and more…



Broc Raiford brings us yet another video part in 2023! From ”Retaliate‘, to ‘Accelerate‘, the man has been on a mission! Broc’s latest, ‘Incinerate’ was filmed over the course of the past year from Los Angeles to NYC.

Video by Zach Krejmas.
Motion Graphics by Dave Fortman.

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