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More Twombolt crank sizes

Twombolts: 170mm

We have some more Twombolt crank sizes and variations in stock. You can now get them in 180mm and 170mm lengths, in either LHD or RHD. Contact your local shops or mail-orders to get a pair. More photos and information can be found after the link, along with some physics questions…

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How-To’s with Jim Bauer

Bike maintenance with Jim Bauer

Ride BMX has a couple video how-to’s with Mr. Jim Bauer. The first one is how-to install a bottom bracket and the other one is for our Odyssey Twombolts (embedded after the jump). If you’re looking for a printable version, click HERE.

Oh and if you want to get a little bit more info about that Terry Adams cover shoot we posted yesterday, there’s a Q&A over at the ESPN site.

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A couple wallpapers



Gary Young wallpaper at [ Standard (4:3) | WideScreen ]

Here are a couple wallpapers floating around that you guys might be into.

The sprocket image has been up as the ad-spot on our MySpace page for a while now and we recently got some inquiries about it. It’s a modified version of page 10 in our 2009 catalog. In it are the Vermont and Million Dollar Sprockets attached to Twombolt crank arms.

You can catch more info about these products on the flipside or by walking to the other side of the rainbow… which are lesser known internet euphemisms for click the Read More button.

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Twombolt info and instructions

Twombolt Instruction Manual
Download the Full Manual (PDF – 762kb)

Our update to the Wombolt crankset is on its way to shops and distributors. Twombolts (Two+Wombolt) are available now in fluorescent red, white and black. We have RHD-175 at the moment, with LHD and other sizes following soon.

The new features for the crank are as follows:
Updated mating arm lug for improved fit and increased durability.
All-new cluster design that optimizes the arm’s interface, simplifies assembly, and makes use of a durable AND replaceable elastic retainer band.
Greatly improved overall function and performance proven both in the lab and during extensive long-term riding.
2 lbs. 2.5 oz. / 978g (with Mid BB). 1 lb. 13.5 oz. / 836g (without BB).

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Three Piece Crank Fitting

*This article first appeared in Ride UK (#75) and is reproduced here by kind permission of Ride UK.

Once again I find myself sitting in front of the computer wondering how to start my tech column. Every few seconds I turn my head to look out the window for inspiration… or is it distraction.

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