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Chase Gouin

Chase Gouin’s part in Electronical is located in the bonus DVD so a lot of people may have missed it. Now, through the powers of the internet, you can watch it above.

Chase also has a Flatware frame in the works and if this 2008 bike check is any indication of how it’s going to turn out, you know it’s going to be one of the most dialed and thought out frames ever created. Also, while trying to hunt down that bike check, I came across this 2005 interview of Chase at BMX Freestyler. Though it’s over 3 years old, it still stands as a fascinating read.

EDIT: I accidentally put up the wrong link for the interview. The right one is up now.

Terry Adams’ Bayou Bars

Terry Adams’ Bayou Bars is the first product to come out of our Flatware product line and it’s finally in stock and available! Built to Terry’s specifications, these bars are 41-Thermal processed and backed by a lifetime warranty. Hit up the shops and mail-orders to get your hands on a pair!

Height: 7.5″
Width: 22.25″
Backsweep: 0 deg.
Upsweep: 3 deg.
Weight: 1lb 7.1oz

You may recognize these bars from Terry Adam’s bike check a few months ago. Not only will they keep you safe from alligators, but they’re also the first product to come out of our Flatware product line!

BMX Flatland World Circuit

Terry Adams sent over a flyer for the BFWC 2009 circuit. Round 1 is titled “Ninja Spin” and is happening in Europe next month. Read more for the full flyer and a video of Terry Adams and some friends “training” for the event…

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Chase Gouin and Terry Adams

Chase Gouin in Costa Rica (Ride BMX)

Fat Tony just posted a flatland gallery over at the Ride site. In it, you can catch a few flicks of Chase Gouin and Terry Adams riding in places around the globe.

Hit up the read more link for Chase’s video part from our 2003 video and if you haven’t done so already, make sure to watch Terry Adam’s crackpacker jump from yesterday. It’s a wild one.

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Bike Check:
Terry Adams

FRAME: Flatware, Prototype
FORK: Flatware, Prototype
BARS: Flatware Terry Adams, Bayou Bars, Prototype
STEM: Flatware, 28mm, prototype
HEADSET: Odyssey, prototype
CRANKS: Flatware Twombolt, 160mm, Prototype
SPROCKET: Flatware, 22t, Prototype
RIMS: GSport Ribcages, powdercoated
FRONT HUB: GSport Marmoset
REAR HUB: Ares Freecoaster
SEATPOST: Odyssey Intac
SEAT: Odyssey Veteran
PEDALS: Exercise Bike
PEGS: Flatware Plegs, Prototype
CHAIN: Generic
BRAKE: Odyssey Evo2
BRAKE PADS: Slim by 4, Red, Medium
LEVER: Odyssey Monolever, Medium
CABLE: Odyssey Slic Cable
TIRES: Frequency G, Foldable, Tanwall
BARENDS: Odyssey Par ends

There are a lot of Flatware products currently in the prototype stages and Terry Adam’s ride has just about all of them. Check out his bike check above to get a full list and a closer look. Also, if that shirt looks familiar, it’s the Frequency G tire pattern shirt we posted about a while ago.

All photos are by Robby Klein.

Terry Adams wins Fight with Flight

Red Bull’s Fight With Flight flatland jam happened this past weekend and Terry Adams took home the win! For photos of the event, hit up the jump or visit for their full scoop.

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Terry Adams Video

Here’s a quick intermission from the Electronical uploads, courtesy of Terry Adams (filmed/edited by Paul G. Brown of Constant Video Productions). This edit includes pull-ups at the recruit station and flatland demos in night clubs. Also, in case you missed it in the last magazine post, the next 100 subscribers of BMX Plus! get a free copy of Terry’s Dreams DVD!

For more videos of Terry, visit The infamous “My Girl” video is in there too.

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Terry Adams update!

Photos by Robby Klein.

Terry Adams sent over a couple new photos and a t-shirt graphic to us recently. He’s been rocking a lot of Flatware goodies on his bike and we’ll have a bike check for him soon. In the mean time, check out these pics.

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A man. A plan. A canal. Panama!

Chase Gouin in Panama

In other flatland news, here’s a handful of photos from Fat Tony of Chase Gouin in Panama. There are more photos after the jump and leave palindromes in the comments.

We went to a tiny island of the north coast of Panama and Chase found a spot to shred. A bunch of village kids watched and Chase gave them Odyssey stickers. He even helped a kid in the jungle after the kid cut his foot on a broken Coke bottle. – Fat Tony

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Terry Adams flatland battle

Terry Adams just returned from the King of Ground contest in Tokyo Japan. He wound up getting 7th place and 5th in the World Circuit points. Above is the battle he won against Dominik Nekonly, from the Check Republic.

I was pretty stoked on the way I rode. With 56 riders in Pro flat, I felt lucky to be in the top 10.
~ Terry Adams