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Flickr Picks

Over 400lbs of awesomeness going on in this photo. (By smoovebert)

We haven’t done one of these in a while, so here’s another batch of Flickr Picks from the Odyssey Flickr Group. If you haven’t done so already, feel free to join and add us as a contact. For past Flickr Picks, click HERE.

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December Flickr Picks

Beringer and Greg
Holga double exposure from the Tanner Mike Aitken Benefit by brown_town

Here’s this month’s picks from the Odyssey Flickr Group. New ones seem to pop up everyday and if you haven’t done so already, feel free to join it. Just make sure to keep the photos Odyssey related and don’t post a bunch of pics that all looks the same. Pick out your favorites and share those. Thanks! View More

Sticker Contest Results

First Place: Tiger Fountain by Day May

Sorry for the delay but here’s the result. First place goes to Day May and he’ll be getting a pair of K-Lytes and iPedals with matching Griswald Grips.

Read more for the rest of the top entries and stay tuned for November’s contest.

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Flickr Group Picks

Mike G.
Mike Gonzalez is on our team as a ‘racer’ but he can definitely do
a lot more than just gate starts and sprints. Photo by rilabetes.

Here’s another set of great photos from our Flickr group. Thanks to everyone who keeps contributing to it. Keep it up!

There’s officially 3 days left to our Sticker Contest but if it’s a good entry, we may let some stragglers creep in over the weekend. We’ll announce the winner on Monday.

Outside of Flickr, we geek out on these internet hang-outs too: MySpace, VitalBMX and Facebook.

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Flickr Group Photo Picks

Mike Aitken by jason.eichhorst

A lot of great photos have been popping up lately in the Odyssey Flickr Group. We decided to pick out some of our recent favorites and share them with you guys.

Above is a photo of Mike Aitken by Skier J (jason.eichhorst). Hit up the jump for more photos and a few video clips (JTML and Jim Bauer).

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