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Terry Adams
Terry Adams in Kamatsu, Japan

Fluorange Twinpops
Fluorange Twinpops: Aaron Ross (US) and Warren Daniels (UK)!

Here’s a bit of team news. Mr. Terry Adams was over in Japan this past weekend for the 2nd stop of the BMX Flatland World Circuit and this coming week, he’ll be on home turf for the 3rd and final stop, The VooDoo Jam!

The Road to Glory is in full swing and Jim Cielencki just hooked us up with a batch of pics. Click the read more link for more R2G pics and an OMG!

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photos from Dew Tour

Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross

Andrew Brady hooked us up with some photos of Aaron, Sean and Danny from this past weekend’s Dew Tour. Check out the pics and then watch the Team Texas video all over again.

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new shipment!

Fluorescent Orange Shipping Container

As I type this, there’s a large fluorescent orange shipping container getting unloaded in the back. Expect photos and such after they’ve been inspected. Any guesses on what’s inside?

If you’d like to know what George is up to, you can follow him in the Twitter sphere: @gsportbmx.

Fluorescent orange bars and fork

I was trying to find a photo of a lumberjack’s axe and came across the one you see above. Available now in fluorescent orange are Lumberjack Bars, Aaron Ross Spacebars and Classic Race Forks. Hit up to keep your pants up and contact your bike shops and mail-orders to get some Aaron Ross inspired colors on your bicycle!

Speaking of Ross the Boss, you can read about Aaron’s top 5 favorite moments on The Office over at ESPN. More photos of fluorange can be found after the link.

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Aaron Ross Bike Check


Aaron stopped by the office. Here is his bike. Maybe you have seen it before. Maybe not.

frame-Sunday Second Wave
fork– Odyssey 41 Thermal Director fork
bars– Odyssey 41 Thermal SpaceBar
stem– Elementary
headset– integrated
lever– Odyssey Monolever Small
saddle– Odyssey Veteran Aaron Sample
seatpost– Odyssey Intac
clamp– Odyssey Mr. Clampy
rims– Odyssey Haz Lite 36
F hub– GSPORT Marmoset
R hub– GSPORT Ratchet prototype. 10t. 36. rhd.
spokes– Odyssey Aftermarket
sprocket– 30t Vermont
cranks– Odyssey Wombolts. 175
chain– kmc
pedals– Odyssey JC TrailMix
brake– Odyssey Evo II
tires– Odyssey Path Plyte 20×2.1 R/ Aitken Klyte 2.25 F
pegs– Odyssey Jpeg Lighter
cable– Odyssey Linear cable
grips– Odyssey Aaron Ross grips
barends– Odyssey Par End


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