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Spots with JC

Jim C gives you a tour of his favorite spots in Buffalo. There’s some good stuff out there!

In other JC news, he has recently gone under the knife to get rid of a staph infection he’s had these past couple of weeks. Drop him a quick line on Facebook or Twitter if you’ve got some time. Get well soon!

Jim Cielencki Bike Check

Jim C’s video bike check from Sunday Bikes

Check out Jim C’s latest Sunday that’s loaded with Odyssey/G-Sport parts including his signature JCPC pedals, our new Thunderbolt cranks, MDS sprocket, Monolever/Evo 2/Quik Slic brake setup and Path tires.

If you’re on Facebook, make sure to hit up his fan page!
He’s also on Instagram & Twitter so add him on there too.

Gary wins Simpel Summer Session!!!

The big news from this weekend is Gary Young took home 1st place at this year’s Simpel Summer Session. This quote from Rooftop pretty much sums it up:

Ya @GaryBYoung, I could watch you ride all day. In a sport that has become a routine and a carbon copy factory… you inspire! #congratsbro


Congratulations Gary! Another highlight of the contest was Dugan blasting this 180 transfer. Keep your eyes peeled for contest footage!

In related news, Gary and Jim C will be staying across the pond these next few days and just got done floating around the Baltic Sea. Sounds rough.

Aaron, Dugan & Jim C jump mega ramp!

Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan & Jim C hit up the mega ramp over at Woodward West the other day. They all survived without any major injuries, with the slight exception of Aaron who decided to whip it 3rd go!

Congrats guys on conquering the 50 foot behemoth!

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Texas Toast Jam and a Quick Trip w/George

For this episode of ODSY Vision, we bring to you our favorite clips from the Texas Toast Jam and a quick trip with George Boyd. He lives a few hours north of Austin so we met up with him a couple days prior and filmed a handful of clips along the drive.

Thanks to everyone who flew, drove, walked and pedaled to the Texas Toast Jam. You guys helped make it a good time with plenty of fun in the sun. Hope to see everyone again next year!

For a full, comprehensive look at the Texas Toast Jam, make sure to click HERE to view all of the photo galleries and videos we have gathered of the event.

Jim Cielencki Interview

James Victor Cielencki has an interview up on Head over there and read it!

Jim Cielencki bike check & update

Jim C has a pretty sweet bike check and photo gallery up over at ESPN. In it, he talks about his 24″ Model C and what it’s like riding it and switch back and forth between the 20″.

I know you ride your Sunday cruiser more than a regular 20″ bike nowadays. Is there a specific reason for this? To be honest, I go back and forth between the 20″ and 24″ throughout the year. I run a BMX bike company, so I should have experience in both bikes. Before I started riding this bike in October, I rode my 20″ for a whole year straight. For me, it’s difficult to switch between the two just because the 24″ makes the 20″ feel small. The main reason why I ride the 24″ is that I like the idea of taking something you already know how to do and making it different. It’s like riding bigger stair sets or steeper rails, you want the challenge of taking something you already know and making it different or more difficult.

Click HERE to check it out.

If you own a cruiser and want to upgrade your wheelset, make sure to check out our Hazard Lite 24″ complete wheels, spokes, rims and tires!

Crankslide How-To with JC

Crankslides with Jim C. from Sunday Bikes

Ever wanted to learn the trick on how to lock in on a solid crankslide? Well, now you can and Jim Cielencki will walk you through. Hit up the Sunday site for an even more detailed explanation.

Oh and is that red curved thing supposed to be a hotdog?!

JC interview @ In The Gnar

Photo by Olive Juuuuice

Jim Cielencki is In The Gnar with a Q&A. He talks about Sunday, tea, hockey and just a general update on life and what he’s been up to lately.

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the land down under!

Jim Cielencki, Aaron Ross, Gary Young and a few other Sunday riders are going to be in Australia these next couple of weeks. They’ll be hitting up a handful of bike shops so if you’re from the land down under, make sure to swing by and slap some high fives!

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