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JCPC Review

JCPC Review on

BMXUnion has a review up for our JCPC pedal and it’s even coupled with the video above. There was a very limited quantity released earlier but we’re expecting to have more by the end of the year. If you’re interested and haven’t done so already, make sure to check out the JCPC booklet.

Also, if you’re wondering what Jim Cielencki‘s been up to, he’s been flipping boxes and dropping 360 ETs on his well-equipped Funday PRO.

the JC BC

Jim Cielencki
Photo by Jeff Z.

Jim Cielencki has a Bike Check up on the Ride site. After going brakeless for a bit, he’s back to running stoppies again. Find out what else is on his bike and why by clicking the photo above!

Our Ride to Glory

Ride UK just put up the Road to Glory edits and here’s ours!

Jim C!

Here’s the latest Electronical upload, featuring Jim Cielencki. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat!

Mike Aitken

I suppose it’d be safe to call this a bit of an Aitken week on our Daily Word. Two signature part updates and now his section from Electronical. Click Play and enjoy.

In other Aitken and team news, Mikey and Chase are both in the top 5 nominees in this year’s Nora Cup for best dirt rider. Chase is also in the running for Best ramp rider, along side Gary Young, and Terry Adams is in the mix for Flatland. If there was a category for best crankslides, JC would most likely take up all 5 top nomination slots. Click here for proof.


Terry Adams
Terry Adams in Kamatsu, Japan

Fluorange Twinpops
Fluorange Twinpops: Aaron Ross (US) and Warren Daniels (UK)!

Here’s a bit of team news. Mr. Terry Adams was over in Japan this past weekend for the 2nd stop of the BMX Flatland World Circuit and this coming week, he’ll be on home turf for the 3rd and final stop, The VooDoo Jam!

The Road to Glory is in full swing and Jim Cielencki just hooked us up with a batch of pics. Click the read more link for more R2G pics and an OMG!

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Odyssey’s Road to Glory

Ride to Glory

It’s official. Our UK Team, with special guest Aaron Ross and JC as TM, will be on this year’s Road to Glory! Starting next week, if you live anywhere between Bristol and Brighton, keep an eye out for these guys. The line up is looking strong and it’s pretty much a guarantee they’ll pillage and plunder whatever challenges they may encounter.

As a bonus to today’s post, click the Read More link for some Bauer clips from Woodward West!

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Flickr Picks

Over 400lbs of awesomeness going on in this photo. (By smoovebert)

We haven’t done one of these in a while, so here’s another batch of Flickr Picks from the Odyssey Flickr Group. If you haven’t done so already, feel free to join and add us as a contact. For past Flickr Picks, click HERE.

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Jim C, Aaron Ross and Terry Adams

No actual JTML news but here’s a five year old photo

Here are some team updates from this past week. Steven Spielberg twittered about Jim Cielencki’s tooth-hanger ET a few days ago. It was in regards to a web edit JC made. In it, JC walks you through the Model C and capped the video off with some solid riding. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view it after the read more link or at the Sunday site.

Aaron Ross has a web-edit up as well… kind of… it’s like a video blog / news update of him hanging out in the front porch with Sergio Layos and Tony Hamlin. He’s still out of commission due to a treacherous tramp bike incident so there’s no actual riding involved. However, a pair of fluorescent red scissors can be spotted. Visit the Etnies site to watch it. Also, feel free to send him get well soon messages on Facebook.

And last but not least, we have a Terry Adams radio clip from Austin’s Morning Show with Jason & Deb. You can listen to it by clicking this guy: <(ô¿ó)>

That’s all folks!

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Clean Ron

First up is a video of Mike Aitken, smiling large, hopping curbs and pulling 180s. Its so good seeing him on a bike again. Keep up with for the latest news. Also, Vigilantia is still moving forward. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor, send them an e-mail.

Next up is Dig’s Rapid Response with Jim Cielencki. He lives in a drinking town with a football problem?!

Third is Clean Ron of Give D! Front stoppies in full effect and right when you think he’s going to throw a barspin, he’ll kick out a candy bar instead.