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Boyd Hilder
NORA Reader’s Choice Cup!

Congrats to our man Boyd Hilder for taking home this year’s Reader’s Choice cup and shoutout to Our BMX for keeping NORA alive!

Chase Hawk:
Ramp Rider of the Year!!!

The good dudes at Ride threw one hell of a NORA Cup party last night and our boy Chase got to bring home one of those shiny cups!

Oh and as icing to an already badass cake, the legendary Dave Osato was the one who presented it to him.

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Video from Ride BMX

As icing on the cake to an already epic weekend, Ride BMX moved this year’s NORA Cup Awards ceremony to Austin, TX. Watch the video above to check out who won what and get a glimpse of the best party of the year.


We teamed up with Ride BMX this year to bring you guys the 17th Annual NORA Cup. In case we need to spell it out, this pretty much means Oct. 18-20th is going to be the BEST WEEKEND EVER.

We’ve been working on this for a while and we’re finally ready to release the news: We’re ditching Las Vegas and moving our NORA Cup awards to Austin, Texas, and it’s all going down Texas Toast weekend. Save the date and start making plans: Sunday, October 20th. We’re really stoked on teaming up with Texas Toast for this and can’t wait for the change. Having the 17th annual awards close out that weekend means one hell of a party and a change for the better. Stay tuned—more details to come…

Ride BMX

Taj @ Nora Cup

Here’s Taj onstage at Nora Cup as he announced #1 Street rider. Hit up his Fairdale Blog to read his take on things.

That’s our new “WRENCHES” shirt he’s rocking too.  Available HERE.

and the nominees are…

Chase Hawk: #1 Dirt and #1 Ramp Rider

Chase Hawk: Top 5 Nominee for #1 Dirt Jumper and #1 Ramp Rider

Gary Young: #1 Ramp Rider

Gary Young: Top 5 Nominee for #1 Ramp Rider

Matthias Dandois: #1 Flatlander

Matthias Dandois: Top 5 Nominee for #1 Flatlander

Mike Aitken: #1 Video Part, Anthem II

Mike Aitken: Top 5 Nominee for #1 Video Part, Anthem II

Our boys are killing it in the top 5 nominations for the2011 Ride BMX NORA Cup. Best of luck to Chase Hawk, Mike Aitken, Matthias Dandois and Gary Young!

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Congratulations Mikey and Chase!

Chase Hawk and Mike Aitken, 2009 Nora Cup Champions!
Photos from Ride BMX

Last night was Ride’s annual Nora Cup and we are very, very proud to announce that Chase Hawk took home the Number One Ramp Rider award and Mike Aitken won Number One Dirt Rider! Congratulations guys!

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Mike Aitken

I suppose it’d be safe to call this a bit of an Aitken week on our Daily Word. Two signature part updates and now his section from Electronical. Click Play and enjoy.

In other Aitken and team news, Mikey and Chase are both in the top 5 nominees in this year’s Nora Cup for best dirt rider. Chase is also in the running for Best ramp rider, along side Gary Young, and Terry Adams is in the mix for Flatland. If there was a category for best crankslides, JC would most likely take up all 5 top nomination slots. Click here for proof.

In the stands

This is a little late but it’s something we’re going to start doing each time we get a new issue in the mail. If you hit up the jump, you’ll find a mini table of contents highlighting Odyssey related pages in the magazines. First up is the latest issues of Dig and Ride (US). I believe we have a Ride UK and Cream floating around in the office somewhere but I’m having trouble tracking them down.

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New Flatware Ad



Here’s the new Flatware Ad featuring 2008 Nora Cup winner, Terry Adams!