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TCU Podcast

Nuno and Jim swung by the TCU compound recently for their latest episode of TCU TV. They cover a range of things, so hit play and enjoy!

The Nuno Oliveira Interview

Although he’s only physically wearing one hat in this photo, do not let that mislead you! We all wear many hats in this company and Nuno‘s no exception. He’s essential to keeping Odyssey running like a well oiled machine and we’re psyched he has a comprehensive interview on Orange Juice.

Palm Springs MMXII

Everybody on the team received bags filled with goodies
Palm trees in Palm Springs
Broc hooked up Dugan & Terry with a couple portraits
The backyard was the perfect spot for hanging out
All of our instagrams made it obvious each time we drove past these things
Kings Rideshop Stop
Hoang compares his swollen hands and Eric compares his fingers
Terry skating & riding (in the) street
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Loading Up
The Odyssey House
Heath Pinter's trails were dialed
Palm Spring Quintin hats for the whole crew
Abandoned pool in the hills
No rear wheel? No problem.
The desert has some awesome clouds
Our team has a hefty sweet tooth

We have a HUGE team and at any given time during this trip, the chances were high that somebody had their phone out to capture some memories. Here’s a compilation of some of our favorite snapshots from the trip.

If you’re on instagram, make sure to follow us and catch the action as it happens.

Frostbike 2011

Nuno was over at Frostbike this weekend showing off our latest goods and BMXUnion stopped by and snapped some pics of our booth. Click HERE to see what we brought and get a sneak peek of some new stuff we have coming your way!

To Brake or Not To?

Brain Tunney over at ESPN hit up Nuno Oliveira about the new Mint Brake kit we posted the other day. The mini-interview touches on things like why we’re still doing limited edition colorways for brakes and who on our team is still running them. Click HERE to read it!

Chase Hawk @ Empire

Check out this clip of Chase Hawk from Empire! Video clip from Olive Juuuuice!

More KC!

KC Badger

It’s starting out to be a KC Badger week. He stopped by SLC recently and Jason Eichhorst clicked out a few pics. Check ’em out on his blog, From Over Here.

If you’re craving for more SLC pics, head over to Olivejuuuuice for some pics that Nuno took when he and Bauer went over there last year.

closeouts and shooters

Closeouts and Shooters
Closeout update in the Online Store / Q&A with Nuno Oliveira at

We updated the closeout section of our online store with some random products, so if you’re looking for some deals, that’ll be a good place to look.

Also, Nuno Oliveira has a Q&A over at where he talks about his new site, OliveJuuuuice and his ever increasing photo habits.

Team Texas video game

Team Texas killed it this weekend over at the Dew Tour in Chicago. Sean Sexton, Aaron Ross and Danny Hickerson all pulled some video-game status lines in this video. Watch it above and then hit up the read more link for an Aaron Ross bike check that JC put up over at the Sunday site and in our Vimeo group.

Olive Juuuuice

Also, our very own Nuno Oliveira flipped the switch on his new photo blog, Bookmark it and add it to your feed reader ’cause Nuno just added a Canon DSLR to his arsenal of cameras and you can bet he’ll be posting some sweet pics.

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Nuno’s bike check overspill

FRAME: Sunday Model-D 21″
FORK: Sunday Morning 2.1
BARS: Sunday Triumph
STEM: Odyssey Classic Toploader
HEADSET: Odyssey Sealed
GRIPS: Odyssey Chase Hawk
BARENDS: Odyssey Par Ends
CLAMP: Mr. Clampy
SEATPOST: Odyssey Intac
SEATS: Odyssey Senior 2
PEDALS: Odyssey Trailmix, Looseball
CRANKS: Odyssey Twombolts, 175mm, RHD
SPROCKET: Odyssey Prototype, 28t
CHAIN: Generic
HUB (FRONT): Odyssey Vandero 2, 36h
RIM (FRONT): Odyssey Hazard Lite, 36H
TIRE (FRONT): Aitken, Tanwall, 2.25″
HUB (REAR): GSport Ratchet, 10t, 36h
RIM (REAR): Gsport Ribcage, 48H
TIRE (REAR): Path, Tanwall, 1.85″
SPOKES: Odyssey Aftermarket, Stainless

When not breaking collarbones, Nuno‘s been tearing up the trails lately on a Sunday Model D. Jim Cielencki put up his bike check the other day over at Sunday Bikes and there were a handful of extra photos. Instead of letting them collect gigadust in my harddrive, we decided to do an overspill. In case you didn’t know, silver’s the new black and it’s bringing sexy back. The previous sentence may or may not be deleted with time.