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Matt Beringer:
Bike Check

Matt’s bike has a lot of custom mods on it that makes it his own. Head over to for the full scoop.

Terry & Aaron:
The Sequel

Here’s another round of Behind the Vision factoids. This time, it’s all the random details from the making of Terry & Aaron – The Sequel. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to watch it now.

There are definitely spoilers in this post.

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Aaron Ross:
Bike Check

FRAME: Sunday Funday, 20.75″
FORK: Odyssey R-32
BARS: Odyssey Double Spacebar
STEM: Odyssey Lincoln
HEADSET: Sealed Headset
LEVER: Odyssey Monolever, Small
CABLE: Odyssey Linear Slic Kable
BRAKE: Odyssey Evo 2
BRAKE PADS: Odyssey Slim x 4
GRIPS: Odyssey Aaron Ross
TIRE (F): Odyssey Aaron Ross Tire, 2.3″
TIRE (R): Odyssey Aaron Ross Tire, 2.1″
RIMS: Odyssey Seven K-A
HUB (F): Odyssey Vandero 2
HUB (R): Odyssey V3 Cassette, 9t
SPROCKET: Odyssey C-512, 28t
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 175mm
PEDALS: Odyssey Twisted PC
SEAT: Odyssey Aaron Ross Principal
SEAT POST: Sunday Toothy Post
SEAT CLAMP: Odyssey Mr. Clampy

Double Space Bar, Aaron grips, Lincoln stem & Monolevers
Lincoln stem
R-32 forks, Vandero 2 hub, Seven K-A rim & Ross tires
Thunderbolt cranks, C-512 sprocket, Twisted PC pedals, Evo II brake

Here’s Aaron‘s current bike, as seen in The Sequel. It’s modeled after one of his signature completes from Sunday. Click around the flipbook for more pics!

Side Note: When Aaron mentioned he wanted to grind up this rail, I figured he meant an ice or a tooth, certainly not a double peg. The rail’s so short, both his pegs had to land on the curves to make it possible. It happened so fast, I wasn’t sure if they were hitting at the same time and he must’ve done it at least 10 times before we finally timed the photo right.

Aitken & Dugan:
Print Ad



Here’s our most current ad with Mike Aitken and Tom Dugan chilling in the Trans Am. If this scene looks familiar, it’s because it’s from one of our November 2011 ODSY Vision.

Photo by Joe Rich.

Steam Roller

Here’s a bonus clip of Terry driving a steam roller through his own house. Enjoy!

Filmed during Terry & Aaron Mix – The Sequel.

Louisiana Snapshots

We spent a good portion of this past month in Louisiana and hung out with Aaron, Terry and Broc. Between the four of us, we snapped a bunch of photos. Here’s a little compilation of some of our favorite snapshots, along with a handful of new ones.

Terry Adams = Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@terryadamsbmx)
Aaron Ross = Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@theaaronross)
Broc Raiford = Twitter and Instagram (@brocafloka)

Behind the Vision:
Welcome to the Team:
Broc Raiford

We dropped Broc’s ODSY Vision last week and thought it might be fun to throw out some behind the scenes trivia.

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Broc Raiford update

We’ve been in Louisiana these past few days filming with Broc Raiford and so far so good. Here’s a quick flick from yesterday’s trip to Baton Rouge of Broc fast planting over his buddy Brandon. Shout out to Jon Rogers for showing us around and helping get some extra angles. Stay tuned for more…

Aitken, Dugan & the Trans AM:



Here’s a new download to add a little excitement to your desktop. It was shot during the filming of Mike Aitken & Tom Dugan’s ODSY Vision Travel Log. If you haven’t seen it yet, you better click on over to it.

Read on for more behind the scenes photos during the burnout.

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Gary Young:
Print Ad

Here’s our latest print ad featuring a beastly 270 table from Gary Young. This was filmed during the So.Cal to So.Oregon ODSY Vision. Add him on Facebook and then follow him on Twitter.