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Hoang Tran:
Taming the Dragon

For our latest TGIF, we have Hoang Tran taming a dragon with a locked in nose-manual.

As seen in Travel Log: Southern California to Southern Oregon.

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Terry & Aaron:
Chase Scene

We’ve been posting a lot of serious riding clips in our TGIF series lately and for this week, we decided to induce a little comic relief into the mix. Here’s Terry getting chased by Aaron’s bike and Aaron doing a little flatland on Terry’s.

As seen on ODSY Vision: Terry & Aaron Mix – The Sequel.

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Gary Young:
Kinked L Rail to Drop

We’re going way back to our inaugural ODSY Vision for this week’s TGIF. For our Happy New Year video, Gary Young provided us with a bag of hefty clips and this one in particular was a jaw dropper.

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Justin Simpson:
Gap to 50/50

We got multiple angles of this monster clip by Justin Simpson in our New Mexico Travel Log. With a ledge blocking a clear view of the rail, it’s a blind run-up until that perfect last minute swoop into it. Justin handled it like a champ and even let out a casual mid-gap pause before unleashing the fury of the dragon. Thou rail has met its slayer, REJOICE!

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Adam Banton:
S Rail to Whiplash

Adam Banton has a keen eye for spotting creative tricks on unique setups. Here’s a clip we filmed during his Free Stuff video and ended up saving for our Best of 2011 recap.

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Aitken’s Trans AM

Here’s another clip to add to our TGIF series. This one comes from the epic Travel Log that Mike Aitken, Tom Dugan and Joe Rich took part in last fall.

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Terry Adams:
Bike Check

FRAME: Flatware Waltz
FORK: Flatware Steep Offset
BARS: Flatware Hobby Bar
STEM: Flatware
HEADSET: Odyssey Sealed
LEVER: Odyssey Monolever, Medium
CABLE: Odyssey Linear Slic Kable
BRAKE: Odyssey Evo 2
BRAKE PADS: Odyssey Slim x 4
GRIPS: Flatware Thumbtacks
TIRES: Odyssey Frequency G, K-Lyte, 1.85″
RIMS: G-Sport Birdcage, 36-H
HUB (F): Flatware Vandero 2
HUB (R): KHE, 9t
SPROCKET: Flatware Rhode Island, 22t
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, Socket Drive, 160mm
PEDALS: Wellgo
SEAT: Odyssey Senior 2, Kevlar
SEAT POST: Odyssey Intac
SEAT CLAMP: Odyssey Mr. Clampy Too
PEGS: Knurled Flatland Pegs

The Waltz frame
Hobby Bar (NEW!) - Available Now
Cufflink grips and Monolever
Flatware Stem
Flatware Stem
Evo 2 brakes
Flatware Fork (Steep Offset)
Flatware Vandero 2
Intac Post and Senior 2 saddle
Thunderbolt cranks and Rhode Island sprocket (Socket Drive)
Stamped dropouts on The Waltz
Frequency G tires
G-Sport Birdcage rims

Here’s Terry Adams’ old bike! Kinda weird to do a bike check on an old bike, but we have been sitting on these photos for a while. This is the Bike Terry rode in Terry and Aaron, The Sequel.  This was the prototype stuff that we didn’t want to show until it was out, complete with an updated look of The Waltz frame and his new signature Hobby Bar. You can’t get this bike in Purple, but like Terry’s New bike (Bike check coming soon) it is all available in Blacker than Black. Click around the flipbook to check it out!

Chase Hawk:
Pool Invert

One of my favorite clips in our latest ODSY Vision (Team Retreat – Palm Springs MMXII) was Chase Hawk clicking this invert at this abandoned pool. Since it’s one of those clips you can watch over and over again without it ever getting old, it’s the perfect clip to kick off our new TGIF series.

Every Friday we’ll be dropping animated GIFs of some of our favorite clips from our videos. If you guys have any requests, let us know on in the comments or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Adam Banton:
Bike Check

Ride BMX caught up with Adam Banton during our Palm Springs trip and got the full scoop on Adam’s current bike. Click on the photo to see more close-ups, a Q&A and a solid view of the shirt he’s wearing.

Palm Springs Gallery

Hit up Defgrip for a chill batch of photos of our team relaxing and hanging out in Palm Springs.