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Another R2G update

Ride to Glory

Our team’s still reppin’ hard in the UK. There’s a Day 3 update over at the Ride UK site and we should have a little contest popping up soon, too.

More pics and a new UK rider!

Carvin' it.
What’s it called when your bars go past Chicago and they’re upside down? China?

New UK Rider
Introducing Mr. Peau Serré. Welcome to the team!

I hit the publish button too early on the last post, so now you’re getting another one. This batch of pics is from Walter Pieringer and you can check them out on the Ride UK site: Day 1 and Day 2.


Terry Adams
Terry Adams in Kamatsu, Japan

Fluorange Twinpops
Fluorange Twinpops: Aaron Ross (US) and Warren Daniels (UK)!

Here’s a bit of team news. Mr. Terry Adams was over in Japan this past weekend for the 2nd stop of the BMX Flatland World Circuit and this coming week, he’ll be on home turf for the 3rd and final stop, The VooDoo Jam!

The Road to Glory is in full swing and Jim Cielencki just hooked us up with a batch of pics. Click the read more link for more R2G pics and an OMG!

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Odyssey’s Road to Glory

Ride to Glory

It’s official. Our UK Team, with special guest Aaron Ross and JC as TM, will be on this year’s Road to Glory! Starting next week, if you live anywhere between Bristol and Brighton, keep an eye out for these guys. The line up is looking strong and it’s pretty much a guarantee they’ll pillage and plunder whatever challenges they may encounter.

As a bonus to today’s post, click the Read More link for some Bauer clips from Woodward West!

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Warren Daniels and Matt Beringer

Warren Daniels (L) and Matt Beringer (R)
Warren Daniels (L) and Matt Beringer (R)

We have a new UK rider via the IMG hookup! His name’s Warren Daniel and you can check out his new ride along with some stunt pics over at

Skier J also sent us a link to a chill Matt Beringer video over at Sunsets and Sodas. You can watch Matt pogo on a bike, chop down some branches and shred Layton park.

G-Sport advert

Here is G-Sport’s latest advert, as seen on page 177 of Ride UK #128. It’s their annual photo issue and filled with eye candy from cover to cover. Also, if you haven’t done so already, you can stalk George through his Twitter.

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George’s Cover Story

“3… 2… 1… NOW!”

Did you know that in 1998, George French had a Ride UK cover?! I did not know that until about 10 minutes ago. Ride UK has been doing a series of articles featuring cover stories from past issues and right now, you can read about George’s story about the 7″ kicker to wallride.

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another @theaaronross ad!



Here’s another @theaaronross wallpaper download. If you’d like to see it in its full glory, pick up issue #127 of Ride UK. It’s the issue with the grizz air on the cover.

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Printing the Internet

Mags (and other stuff): Ride UK, Freestylin’,, Dig BMX, BMX Plus! and Ride BMX.

Terry Adams, mid-trick at the Twilight Contest in Athens, GA. (Photo: ScoutATL)

The title doesn’t really make much sense but whatever. Here’s a fairly hefty update from internet land and the real world. One of the big news of the weekend is Terry Adams won another flatland comp. This time it’s the Twilight Contest. Visit Global-Flat for more info. There’s a 2 minute edit of the event after the read more link.

The other recent big news is there’s a Vigilantia preview over at Things are moving and they should be available very soon. Outside of Vigilantia, Mike’s recovery is moving forward and it looks like he’s on the road to getting his full vision back! Full details over at his site.

Read more for a break down of some awesome things we found in the mags pictured above. Oh and when you’re done, check out Krt Schmidt‘s bike! All sorts of radness going on; f&r stoppies, chromies and posties. Plus, the write up he did to go along with it will get you even more stoked on riding.

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Gary Young Ad



Here’s our advert in the latest Ride BMX (page 6 & 7) and Ride UK (page 6 & 7) issues, featuring Mr. Gary Young. Photo by the Kosman.