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Chase Hawk’s Ride UK Cover!!!

Ride UK rarely ever puts American dudes on the cover so when this new issue with Chase Hawk popped up on our radar, we were pumped. Congrats Chase!!!!!!

Chase Hawk by Ride UK

Photo by Nathan Beddows @ Ride UK

Photo by Nathan Beddows @ Ride UK

Ride UK just posted this sick wallpaper of Chase Hawk folding his bike upside down. Click the photo to download!

Aaron Ross

Ride UK has a slew of new wallpapers you can download. Above is one of Aaron Ross throwing the bars through an old ice cream shop. You can download widescreen and standard versions.

Chase Hawk

Ride UK just uploaded some new wallpapers. Chase Hawk scored one of them and you can download it in WIDE and STANDARD mode.

Aitken Snow Tires?

If you live in the upper regions of the northern hemisphere, you either already have or will soon feel the wrath of this year’s winter snow. If you happen to find your town blanketed with inches of that white stuff, don’t fret, here’s a little how-to from the dudes at Ride UK to help keep you shredding. With the help of an Aitken tire and a box full of screws, you and your friends can get a grip of winter in no time.

Just try to stay away from tire grabs…

Our Ride to Glory

Ride UK just put up the Road to Glory edits and here’s ours!

Ride UK Wallpaper!

Ride UK #132 - Odyssey Wallpaper
Mike Taylor and Aaron Ross!

The new Ride UK is out and to go along with this issue is a copy of the Ride to Glory DVD. Not only that, but they’re also putting out wallpapers for each team that was on the trip! Click the photo above to download ours!

Chase Gouin in 2004

Chase Gouin
Chase Gouin interview and photos from 2004, by Jared Souney

Jared Souney just digitized a hefty 10,000 word interview with Chase Gouin. The interview touches on numerous topics and Chase’s answers were definitely in depth. It’s entirety never made it to print but thanks to Jared, you can now check out the full interview online. Grab a comfy chair, click the photo above and read away.

Team Updates

KOG Battle: Terry Adams VS. Shinichi Kiba

Toy Bike: Beta Bag Video

Ride to Glory: Day 7Ride to Glory: Day 7 and Final Day (Photo by Walter Pieringer)

Aaron RossAaron Ross: Defgrip Shuffle (Photo by Nuno Oliveira)

Some sweet stuff popped up on the internet and in my inbox today. First on the list is a battle between Terry Adams and Shinichi Kiba at the last KOG comp in Japan. Some of the links and hops Terry does is unreal. Though the red flag in the end indicates he lost, the 360 hop he does shortly afterwards is dialed!

Next is a video for our Beta Bag made by our Russian distributor, Toy Bike. If you’re from that part of the globe and in the market for a nice bag, give them a ring. If you’re from the US, you’re in luck ’cause it’s in the closeout section of our online store!

The Ride to Glory trip is done and you can check out pics from Day 7 and the Final Day at the Ride UK site.

And finally, hit up Defgrip to get a glimpse of what’s in Aaron Ross’ iPod.

Road to Glory:
Day 6

Warren Daniels
Warren Daniels (Photo by Walter Pieringer for Ride UK)

Ride UK has an Odyssey Day 6 update on their site, so make sure to check it out for some pics. According to various internet sources, I guess the crew was out riding till 3AM the previous evening! If you’re in the mood to be jealous, this is what they’re currently riding (via @sundaybikes).

Also, here’s the prize package we put together for the trip.