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Give D! Leftovers & Beardtrayal

Give D! has some left-overs clips up on Shred Or Die. Don’t worry, they shredded so they’re still alive.

In related news, here’s an update from Sir Alex of Giveth D Clothing:

We’re still filmin’ for our D!vd that comes out in about 2 weeks at Interbike and the crew is droppin’ like flies. Steve Kennedy lives in the middle of nowhere up in Nor Cal, Tammy destroyed his knee and had to go to the ER, Hoang dislocated his shoulder, again… Gary just peaced out for Dew Tour today and Albert is a business man deluxe building Tony Hawk HJ bikes behind the scenes at Wal-Mart. We’ll slop a nice DVD out though and maybe even make the dudes at Odyssey proud… I took some photos over the last couple days with my Sidekick, no action shots, mostly chillin’ this time. I’m big on Sidekick photos because they look like crap and you gotta shoot everything way early due to the lag on these bad boys. – Alex

Hit up the jump for photos and captions.
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Give D! trip wrap up

Give D! Trip Wrap Up
The first park we rode on the San To Van trip, we started riding at 6AM and we were given the boot by 7:30AM, nobody in the park but us… Pretty lame, but a good time regardless.

We just recently went on our first legitimate Give D! trip, the Give D! San to Van trip! We shredded, filmed and got our rot on in numerous parks, spots and stops. There were 10 of us crammed up in the Odyssey van, stinking it up and leaving our mark everywhere we went. Sometimes that mark was a little bit of litter at a spot or park but we’re trying to end world peace so it just so happens to work out. Fun was had at every stop, we terrorized everything and there were surprisingly minimal complaints about us throughout the entire trip. We all came back broke, tired of each other and sore, I would say that the trip was a complete success. All the footage from the trip will be seen in the Summer of Rot D!vd or in the Shred or Die edits that are due out soon as well, keep an eye out…

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