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Flatware Giveaway

Terry Adams

Dan’s Comp has a BIG Flatware giveaway going on right now! If you signup, you can win a Flatware kit including Terry Adams signature Bayou Bars, Flatware Stem, Flatware Twombolts w/Rhode Island Sprocket and Frequency G tanwall tires! Click the pic above to enter.

Rhode Island Sprockets

Flatware Sprockets

We released our Socket Drive system a while ago and we recently received a new shipment of our Rhode Island sprockets. High Polished, Gold and Black sprockets in 20t and 22t are now well stocked so hit up your local shops and dealers to get some on your flatland machine. Make sure to hit up the original post for full info on our Socket Drive.

Flatware “Socket Drive”

» 160mm arms.
» Twombolt wedge cluster assembly system.
» Flatland specific gauge tubing and a larger spindle-bore hole size allow for a significantly lighter crankset.
» Socket Drive interface eliminates the need for a sprocket bolt allows for the use of very small sprocket sizes.
» 41-Thermal processed.
» Available in Black.
» Weight without BB: 1lb. 7.1oz. / 654.88g
» Weight with standard mid BB: 1lb. 13.1 oz. / 824.98g

» Socket Drive interface.
» 7075-T6 aluminum.
» 20 or 22-T.
» 1/8″ tooth thickness.
» Available in Black, Gold and High Polished.

The Rhode Island Sprocket
Socket Drive

Here’s the latest product to come out of Flatware line. This new flatland-specific Twombolt crank and Rhode Island sprocket are available now, so hit up your shops and mail-orders to get a set. Click around the flipbook above for pics and read below for details.

New “Socket Drive” Interface

This 9-sided sprocket interface has been designed as a new standard for sprocket fitting. It can be built into the spindle on 2-piece cranks like the Twombolt, or it can be incorporated into the arm on 3-piece cranks.

A new interface seemed to be a necessary development because sprockets have become smaller across the board. On anything less than a 25-T there starts to be a heavy concentration of stress around the drive bolt and the sprocket teeth. Switching to a closer spaced sprocket bolt is one solution, but that also increases the stress on the sprocket as the same torque applied at a closer radius results in a much larger contact force.

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Bike Check:
Terry Adams

FRAME: Flatware, Prototype
FORK: Flatware, Prototype
BARS: Flatware Terry Adams, Bayou Bars, Prototype
STEM: Flatware, 28mm, prototype
HEADSET: Odyssey, prototype
CRANKS: Flatware Twombolt, 160mm, Prototype
SPROCKET: Flatware, 22t, Prototype
RIMS: GSport Ribcages, powdercoated
FRONT HUB: GSport Marmoset
REAR HUB: Ares Freecoaster
SEATPOST: Odyssey Intac
SEAT: Odyssey Veteran
PEDALS: Exercise Bike
PEGS: Flatware Plegs, Prototype
CHAIN: Generic
BRAKE: Odyssey Evo2
BRAKE PADS: Slim by 4, Red, Medium
LEVER: Odyssey Monolever, Medium
CABLE: Odyssey Slic Cable
TIRES: Frequency G, Foldable, Tanwall
BARENDS: Odyssey Par ends

There are a lot of Flatware products currently in the prototype stages and Terry Adam’s ride has just about all of them. Check out his bike check above to get a full list and a closer look. Also, if that shirt looks familiar, it’s the Frequency G tire pattern shirt we posted about a while ago.

All photos are by Robby Klein.