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Give D! Summer of Rot

Give D! Summer of Rot ONLINE!

The full-length Give D!VD is online over at BNQT. It’s uploaded in 10 sections and you can either view each section at or download the full video by clicking these guys: .MOV or .M4V

Give D! commercial

A new edit/commercial has been loaded into our TV, courtesy of the Give D! crew. To go along with this edit, Alex typed up a storm on his mobile Sidekick cellular device and sent us this update:

I’m currently at In and Out in T-Mec and its pouring rain here in the So Cal regions. I just drove down from San Bernardino with Steve Kennedy and John Ludwick, there were numerous car accidents on the 215 and the rain reminded me how badly I need new tires… Rain in San Diego is rare so I’m taking this day in for all it’s worth, if you’re not stoked on the rain then maybe you’ll be stoked on the newest Odyssey/Give D! commercial. Summer of Rot is about to drop online here shortly as well, so keep checking out for the Give D!vd, Summer of Rot. Yes, its free for download, so get on it. Don’t forget to put on your Odyssey tee while partaking in the rot today. – Alex @ Give D!

Summer of Rot Video Premiere

Give D! Summer of Rot Premiere

Give D! premiered their Summer of Rot video at our booth during Interbike this year and the turn out was phenomenal. Great vibes all around… except for the fitness booth next door. They threatened to hire 6 security guards and make Alex pay the bill due to the over-spill of Give D! supporters.

You can check out the trailer in the ODSY TV to the right and Alex has a handful of other photos from the premiere, so stay tuned for those.

Oh and one more thing, Kurt Hohberger over at put up a review of the video.

Give D! trip wrap up

Give D! Trip Wrap Up
The first park we rode on the San To Van trip, we started riding at 6AM and we were given the boot by 7:30AM, nobody in the park but us… Pretty lame, but a good time regardless.

We just recently went on our first legitimate Give D! trip, the Give D! San to Van trip! We shredded, filmed and got our rot on in numerous parks, spots and stops. There were 10 of us crammed up in the Odyssey van, stinking it up and leaving our mark everywhere we went. Sometimes that mark was a little bit of litter at a spot or park but we’re trying to end world peace so it just so happens to work out. Fun was had at every stop, we terrorized everything and there were surprisingly minimal complaints about us throughout the entire trip. We all came back broke, tired of each other and sore, I would say that the trip was a complete success. All the footage from the trip will be seen in the Summer of Rot D!vd or in the Shred or Die edits that are due out soon as well, keep an eye out…

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Summer of Rot (ODSY EDIT)

Download (.mov format)

Give D! just hooked us up with another trailer for their Summer of Rot DVD. Just like the last one, this one has some awesome acting in it, complete with stunt doubles on bikes and what seems to be a very elaborately choreographed party scene.

As always, you can EMBED this video into your blog / profile / website / whatever by clicking on the EMBED button in the TV.

Click HERE for the HD version (mov).
Click HERE for the IPOD version (mp4).

Give D! Summer of Rot

Give D! Summer of Rot
Ironically enough, this is the 666th post in the Daily Word…

Hit up the jump for the theatrical trailer and more info.
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