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Gum Team Grips!

Our classic Team Grips are now available in Gum. You know the drill, contact your shops and favorite mail-orders to get a pair!

Red/Black Swirl

Our Twisted PC and Team Grips are now available in a Red/Black Swirl colorway. They’re shipping now so your local shops and mail-orders should have them very, very soon!

Team Orange

Team Grip

Team grips are now available in Orange! Run to your local shop or call your favorite mail-order to get your hands on a pair.

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Team Grips

Team Grips

Here’s one more grip choice for you to wrap your hands around. It’s our classic Team Grip and they’re now available in Dark Blue, Lime, Yellow and Red.

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Lavender Kit

The new Lavender kit is in, and will be available soon. Sorry, no time for a fancy product arrangement this time. Also, apparently lavender comes out looking light blue, so just know that the parts are a light purple/lavender color.

Parts include:

Race forks
Dirt forks
Civilian bars
JC looseball pedals
Team grips
Wombolt cranks 175mm RHD/LHD

Contact your local shop or mailorder for more info.


Teal Kit
TEAL kit available now.

Classic Race and Dirt forks
Civilian bars
Powdercoated rims
Team grips
Wombolt cranks

U.S. Shops can contact SBS, QBP, BLACKOUT, CUSTOM CYCLE.


Fluorescent Yellow

Aaron RossSorry for the lack of updates. A bunch of us have been away on business, but luckily, I came back to find out that all kinds of good stuff is coming. The following items will be arriving in about a week or so, in small quantities:

The Fluorescent yellow kit (think Aaron Ross)

Race forks
Dirt forks
Civilian bars
Hazard Lite rims in 36 and 48 hole
Wombolt cranks in 175mm (LHD and RHD)
Team grips

High Polish Vermont sprockets in 25t, 28t and 30t

High polish M.D.S. sprockets in 25t, 28t and 30t.

Gold Elementary stems w/o tabs.

Silver Classic stem

Pink (not hot pink) Linear cables

Contact your favorite shop or mailorder for info, and/or to get some stuff on order.

Aaron pic stolen from Devon Hutchins

Jim Bauer bike check

Jim Bauer

frame– Metal Rebel Contender, 21′ // Pink/Lav/Brown tile over Mint green
fork– Director Fork prototype // Pink/Lav/Brown tile over Mint green
bars– Civilian Hi // Pink/Lav/Brown tile over Mint green
stem– Elementary V2 w/o tabs
headset– FSA sealed
levers– N/A
saddle– Jim B/Grid limited edition.(sample)
seatpost– 25.4 Intac
clamp– integrated
rims– Odyssey SevenKA 36H Powdecoated Mint Green(R&R powdercoating)
hubs– Gsport Marmoset (f). Odyssey Hazard Cassette (r) (ti axle/ 10 t driver)
sprocket– 30T Vermont
cranks– Odyssey Wombolt cranks(175) prototype // Pink/Lav/Brown tile over Mint green
chain– 510
pedals– Prototype
tires– Odyssey Aitken 2.25(F) 2.1 Path (R)
pegs-GSport Plegs-prototype
grips-Team grips // Lavender(flanges removed)
barends-Par ends
hubguard-Matt Beringer Custom