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Redline’s Highest Carve

Redline‘s highest carve comp was a fun one to watch. The transition on this quarter stops right about where those RL logos start so that’s a whole lotta vert that everyone was trying to get a piece of. In the end, Tyler Fernengel carved that thing like it was an 11 foot turkey.

Guantlet of Death
Vital BMX Video

Video from Vital BMX

The Gauntlet of Death has been a Texas Toast Jam staple since the very beginning. This year we toned the course down a little bit thinking more people will make it through but in the end, only a handful ever got a crack at the curved wall to curved wall obstacle. Honorable mentions include Morgan Wade (last year’s winner) who made it to the double curve multiple times and to Chris Childs who was actually TRICKING obstacles as he made his way through the gauntlet. When the dust settled, the ultimate victory went to Gary Young (credit karen here). Watch him conquer the course above in this video from Vital BMX.

Freegun’s Bunnyhop Contest

Freegun offered up $500 for the highest hop in #TexasToast2013. Broc Raiford ended up winning this event for the 3rd year in a row with a 50 inch monster of a bunnyhop. 50 INCHES! That’s the max slot on the height meter and we’re thinking we need to make it go higher for next year.

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Cowbell Challenge
Ride BMX Video

Here’s some video coverage from Ride BMX of the Credence Bikes’ Cowbell Challenge. Aside from all the steezy whips, Leland’s announcing of this makes it a fun watch. Shout out again to Matty Aquizap. Hopefully we’ll all be hearing his name more soon ’cause the dude’s a shredder.

Credence Bikes’ Cowbell Challenge

2013 Texas Toast Creedence Cow Bell High Air

Photo from Ride BMX

Another mini-event we had at #TexasToast2013 was Credence Bikes‘ cow bell challenge. It gives a new twist to the traditional high air contest on dirt. Not only do riders have to blast high enough to reach the bell, they have to get steezy and ding that sucker too. Matty Aquizap showed everyone how it’s done and took home the win!

Haro’s Vet High Air & Best Trick

Video from Ride BMX

We had a series of mini events yesterday and one of them was Haro‘s Veteran Highest Air and Best Trick contest on the old school vert ramp. Only dudes 35 and over were allowed and man, do those guys still know how to get loose. Pat Miller took home the win for Highest Air (Fids came in at a very close second) and our own Jim Cielencki busted a flair and a handplant for Best Trick.


Make sure to hit up FatBMX for more photos and coverage of the mini-event as well!

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