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Enarson & Hucker
Oakley Video

Hucker and Enarson were easily a couple of the most fun dudes to watch over TexasToast2013 weekend. They both absolutely killed it on every level. Come join Oakley as they follow the two around Toast and NORA cup.

Defgrip Gallery

Watch for Flying Bikes

Photo from Defgrip

Defgrip has a fresh batch of photos up from TexasToast2013. Clickety click on over.

Dig Gallery

Chase Hawk

Photo from Dig BMX

The dirt portion of Texas Toast is kind of a lawless land. We get dudes hitting the jumps backwards, random rebel runs and Chase Hawk and Chad Osburn running trains for ALL their final runs. Here’s Chase cranking a 360 locomotive with Chad in tow. Hit up Dig BMX for more photos.

Red Bull Galleries

Red Bull has an amazing batch of photos from #TexasToast2013. Here are few of our favorites. Make sure to check out all 3 days – Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

Ride BMX Random Gallery


Coco / Photo from Ride BMX

Did you guys know we had a vert ramp at #TexasToast2013? Hoffman brought his over and invited some buds to shred. For more photos of the vert ramp demo and other Toast awesomeness, click over to Ride’s Texas Toast Randoms gallery.

Ride BMX Cover Montage

One of the coolest obstacles we had in the street course this year was Ride’s “Fake Cover” wallride. It was a nod to the May 2006 Ride cover that Gary Young had. Aside from the stunting that went down on it (Rob Wise’s Beringer stall to 270 out is no joke), the amount of work that had to go into hand-painting this thing was a feat in itself.

Make sure to click on over and check out the rest of Ride’s #TexasToast2013 coverage too.

Bell Helmets Art Show
ESPN Gallery

Mat Hoffman and Tim Kerr

Photo from ESPN

The Bell Helmets Art Show we held as one of the official after parties for #TexasToast2013 was a huge success. At the end of the auction, we ended up raising $5,200 for the Athlete Recovery Fund!

Click over to ESPN for more photos.

Fat BMX Gallery

Dean Dickinson

Head over to Fat BMX for a fresh batch of photos from TexasToast2013!

Redline’s Highest Carve

Redline‘s highest carve comp was a fun one to watch. The transition on this quarter stops right about where those RL logos start so that’s a whole lotta vert that everyone was trying to get a piece of. In the end, Tyler Fernengel carved that thing like it was an 11 foot turkey.

The Union Gallery

Darryl Nau and Steve Crandall

Photo from The Union

This was Kurt’s first year at a Texas Toast Jam and he came home with a batch of photos as souvenirs. Click on over to The Union to check ’em out. Also, shout out to Crandall and Darryl for keeping the party flowing through out the whole weekend. Those dudes know how to work a crowd.