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Best of 2011

It was a tough task but we gathered up all of our favorite clips from every ODSY Vision this year and mixed it all into one action packed edit. As an added bonus, we even threw in a few fresh clips we had been saving.

Thanks to all of our riders and guest filmers/editors for helping make this video series one of the best. It’s been a great year and if this recap wasn’t enough, hit up to get full platter.

Catching up with Jimmy Levan

Jimmy Levan is a living legend in BMX. With numerous hammers under his belt, company ownership, and a full career as a sponsored rider, Jimmy has done it all and continues to until this day. When Dave Kellman sent us a few photos of Jimmy, we figured it was right time to sit down with him and see what he has going on these days–and it doesn’t look like he’s slowed a bit

Church Gap, Redux!


Watch Road Fools 1 in its entirety HERE and then make sure to click on over HERE for a little Jimmy Levan update.

Happy New Year!

2011 is upon us and here’s some new fire to kick off the new year from just about all the dudes in the Odyssey family. In this edit, you’ll find Hoang Tran, Gary Young, Terry Adams, Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Eric Lichtenberger, Adam Banton, Matt Beringer, Tom Perry, Matthias Dandois, Jimmy Levan, KC Badger, Justin Simpson, Chase Hawk, Sean Sexton and even a couple clips of Mike Aitken! Sit back and enjoy!

Jimmy Levan

Jimmy Levan has a new bike check over at ESPN. Peep it!

Jimmy Levan!!!

Jimmy Levan photos are always a treat to see and this one is no exception. I’m not sure what’s more impressive, the radness of this trick or the fact that it was shot at 7:30 in the morning before he left for Interbike!

Photo by Dave Kellman.

Jimmy Levan Bike Check

Jimmy Levan has a bike check and a little Q&A over at the Ride site. Check it!

Prop’s Pink Motel Coverage

Props Visual just uploaded their coverage of Dean’s Pink Motel Pool Party and Jimmy Levan walks you through it and he even clocks in a clip for good measure! Watch the video to see shredding from Dean Dickinson, Tom Dugan, Dirt Ron, Jim Bauer and many more.

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Born Again… Again.



Here’s another print ad to throw into the mix this week. This one is currently running in Ride UK and features Jimmy Levan getting kicked out on a classic toothpick grind. LEVANGELISM!

Pool Party Video! came through with the video from this weekend’s pool party. It has riding from everyone at the pool including Jimmy Levan, Jim Bauer, Adam Banton and Tom Dugan! Ride also has a photo gallery up from the event.

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