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Chase, Aaron, Ruben, and Joe:
Fox Breaking Boundaries Tour

Join the Fox crew on a trip down south to Peru and Guatemala. This trip definitely looked like a good time!

Friends Til the End:
Chase Hawk and Joe Rich


If you need a friendly reminder as to why Chase won that NORA, click on over to Dig BMX for all the proof you need.

This caption is spot on:

“What do you mean? How did Chase do so good at that contest, it says here his best trick was a 360, I can do that!” Yep, just a simple 360, we all can do these right ?

Aitken & Dugan:
Print Ad



Here’s our most current ad with Mike Aitken and Tom Dugan chilling in the Trans Am. If this scene looks familiar, it’s because it’s from one of our November 2011 ODSY Vision.

Photo by Joe Rich.

Travel Log:
Idaho and Montana

We have an extra special ODSY Vision for you guys this month. Mike Aitken and Tom Dugan hop into the Trans AM and travel through Idaho and Montana to hit up some concrete treasures.

Filmed and Edited by Joe Rich.

Joe, Mikey & Dugan

Tom Dugan, Joe Rich, Mike Aitken and the Trans AM are currently driving through a few northern states and logging some great clips along the way. There’s some great stuff in the works so stay tuned…

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Dugan in T-1’s Spanish Roast

Tom Dugan, Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantra and HUGE dirt hips/quarters in one video?! What a great way to start the weekend. Enjoy!

We Love Colorado

The Terrible One crew hit up Colorado this year and put together this great video that really captures the essence of heading out to the mountains and riding bikes with friends. Danny Hickerson and Tom Dugan both have some rad clips in this so make sure to start your week off right by watching it!

I feel like I’ve written so much about the amazing state of Colorado over the years. It continues to deliver that magic “dose” of life, each and every time. I had the pleasure of making this great journey this year with a few fellow T1ers. Danny Hickerson, Joseph Frans, and Tom Dugan joined me for some fun filled days in the mountains . . . This place awaits you just the same. Make some plans and get there !

Motowhip How-To w/Chase

This video is over a year old but it’s one of those timeless tricks that just never ages. With the way this starts, you’ll be really surprised with how thorough and dialed it actually ends up being. If you’ve always wanted to learn this trick, this is THE how-to to watch for it.

To get the whole story on why this took so long to be released and a little perspective behind it from Joe, hit up his vimeo page.

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Chase Hawk Ad/Wallpaper



Here’s our latest print ad featuring a lofty table by Chase Hawk! Download the wallpaper above and then go out and pedal as fast as you can.

Photo by Joe Rich.