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Matthias Dandois @ Opera

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings… and by a fat lady singing, I actually mean Matthias lacing some new flatland links. He’s neither fat, nor a lady. He is, however, a really good bike rider.

Filmed and edited by Jim McKay.

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Flatware Team Update

It was a big weekend for our Flatware team. Terry Adams won the second stop of the TransJam contest series in Athens, GA and Matthias Dandois won the Astrolabe contest in France. JF Boulianne got on the podium too! Congrats dudes!!!

Matthias Dandois:
Welcome 02-V.2

Here’s some fresh footage of Matthias Dandois from Haro Bikes.

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Matthias Dandois:
G-Shock Session #2

Here’s a compilation of some recent clips of Matthias Dandois for G-Shock’s G-People.

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Matthias Dandois:
Welcome to Haro

This link that Matthias put together for Haro flows so smoothly. Hit play to watch!

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Aaron, Dugan, Matthias, Kyle & Hoang at Simple Session

Aaron, Dugan, Matthias, Kyle & Hoang were all out at Simple Session and have some cool photos in Vincent Perraud’s photogallery on Defgrip. Check it out.

Matthias Dandois:
Welded x Vans

Welded is a new studio production company out of France and to kick things off, they put together this visually creative piece with Matthias Dandois covered in dust. Can’t wait to see more!

Make sure to hit up The Diggest for a photogallery from the shoot!

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Matthias Dandois:
Strictly BMX Shop Clips

Strictly BMX just sent through this link of Matthias doing his thing inside their shop. He does some wild links in a rather tight spot. I feel like most people would’ve fallen down those stairs at some point.

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Antipodes Trip

The Antipodes trip is officially over but the crew decided to stay a bit longer to explore Tasmania and go to Ayers Rock. It was a crazy 70 hour drive filled with semi-trucks tipping over and kangaroos running across the road. They found some spots along the way and collected extra footage.

Below is a funny video from their trip. I actually caught myself saying, “ooohhhh noooo” when the Koala fell. Haha, enjoy!

Every week, Max and I had to realise a challenge for the internet fans. The last one was to ride with a kangaroo. We didn’t find a Kangaroo that was keen to ride with us but we sorted a way out (watch the video above)…

Also, Hadrien Picard made a post on his website with the best Instagram shots of the trip.

I still have a week to go in Australia. A french TV production is coming over to follow us in the last week so it should be good!

After that I fly to San Diego! Yeeew!

Have a good day!

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Matthias Dandois & Maxime Charveron

When the hell did Matthias start spinning threes down stairs?! Watch him and Maxime fire out some radness in this new video from G-Shock.

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