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Colored & Clear Plegs

The latest addition to the G-Sport Pleg family are clear and translucently colored plegs. Built using a variant of the original proprietary plastic compound, these see through versions have been known to slide fast on notoriously rough surfaces and copings and rails and anything you can throw at them. These clears Plegs outperform the original compound in both the standardized drop test and the long-term riding tests. The difference is noticeable and significant.

Available with 3/8″ or 14mm steel inserts and in clear, yellow, lavender, turquoise and blue colors. These clear sleeves are compatible with the original inserts.

*Not compatible with 19mm axle nuts.

I don’t think anybody guessed Plegs at all in our new shipment post so we’ll start the unveiling with these. They’re shipping now so contact your shops and mail-orders to get your hands on a pair.

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Jim Bauer’s stunt machine

FRAME: Metal Rebel Contender Prototype, 21″
FORK: Odyssey Director
BARS: Sunday Forumph
STEM: Odyssey Elementary V3
HEADSET: Odyssey Sealed
GRIPS: Odyssey Chase Hawk
BARENDS: Odyssey Par Ends
CLAMP: Integrated
SEATPOST: Prototype
SEATS: Aitken Prototype
PEDALS: JC/PC final production samples
CRANKS: Odyssey Twombolts, 175mm, LHD
SPROCKET: Odyssey Vermont, 28t
CHAIN: Generic
TIRES: Aitken, Klyte, 2.25″
FRONT HUB: GSport Marmoset, 36h
REAR HUB: GSport Ratchet, 9t, 36h
RIMS: Gsport Rollcages, 36h
NIPPLES: Gsport TaperHex, Black
SPOKES: Odyssey Aftermarket, Stainless
PEGS: Gsport Plegs (come on and and off)

Jim’s bikes are always one of a kind and his latest is no exception. Consult the photo flipbook above for the parts list and watch the video below for details about the paint job.

Bike Check:
Terry Adams

FRAME: Flatware, Prototype
FORK: Flatware, Prototype
BARS: Flatware Terry Adams, Bayou Bars, Prototype
STEM: Flatware, 28mm, prototype
HEADSET: Odyssey, prototype
CRANKS: Flatware Twombolt, 160mm, Prototype
SPROCKET: Flatware, 22t, Prototype
RIMS: GSport Ribcages, powdercoated
FRONT HUB: GSport Marmoset
REAR HUB: Ares Freecoaster
SEATPOST: Odyssey Intac
SEAT: Odyssey Veteran
PEDALS: Exercise Bike
PEGS: Flatware Plegs, Prototype
CHAIN: Generic
BRAKE: Odyssey Evo2
BRAKE PADS: Slim by 4, Red, Medium
LEVER: Odyssey Monolever, Medium
CABLE: Odyssey Slic Cable
TIRES: Frequency G, Foldable, Tanwall
BARENDS: Odyssey Par ends

There are a lot of Flatware products currently in the prototype stages and Terry Adam’s ride has just about all of them. Check out his bike check above to get a full list and a closer look. Also, if that shirt looks familiar, it’s the Frequency G tire pattern shirt we posted about a while ago.

All photos are by Robby Klein.

Plegs and gold Evo II’s

Gold EVO-II\'s
Gold Evo II’s, available now!

White Plegs!
The newest batch of Plegs has arrived!

They’re available in black and white now, but what else has changed? Thanks to your feedback, our own long-term testing, and a total re-design to the injection tooling, the newest Plegs now feature a thicker cross-section at the end to extend their grinding life, and the sleeve’s plastic compound has been tweaked slightly to also improve on their overall durability. The ringing in our ears from the standardized testing hasn’t stopped. Every batch must pass on our “true-to-life” test rig or it is rejected, and this updated version has been spot-on. Also, if you have the original Pleg hardware, then the newest replacement sleeves will work perfectly.

We hope you’ll enjoy the updated Pleg as much as we do. So, let’s get back to riding forbidden skateparks, grinding the ungrindable and putting security guards everwhere a little more at ease (maybe).

We know that Plegs aren’t for everyone (and they were never intended as such), but if you enjoy the benefits that plastic can offer, then you’ll definitely want to pick these up.

Thanks for your interest and support.

AB/ODSY’s Bike in Black

Adam Banton
Photo by Kieth Mulligan (Ride BMX)

Adam Banton has a new bike check over at the Ride website. The photos are embedded after the jump but you can read about the full details of his setup over at

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Jim Bauer Bike Check

Jim Bauer

frame– Metal Rebel Contender, 21′, Raw
fork– Director Fork, Shiny Red (sample)
bars– Lumberjack, Shiny Red (sample)
stem– Elementary V3
headset– FSA sealed
saddle– Senior 2
seatpost– 25.4 Intac
clamp– integrated
rims– Hazard Lite 36h. Shiny Red (sample)
hubs– Vandero 2 (f). GSport Ratchet/9T (prototype)(r)
sprocket– 28T Vermont
cranks– Odyssey Wombolt cranks(175) (prototype), Purple
chain– 510
pedals– JC/PC (prototype)
tires– Odyssey Aitken 2.25 Klyte(F) 2.2 Dirt Path Klyte(R)
pegs-GSport Plegs (3)
grips-Aaron Ross(flanges removed)
barends-Par ends

vvv More Pics vvv

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years, chances are likely that you already know a lot about the PLEGS. To sum it up, they are simple, cheap, light and STRUCTURAL plastic pegs. They aren’t magic. They won’t pull the chicks in or make you invincible…

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Ben Ward Bike Check

Ben Ward

Ben Ward

frame-Sunday Shaved Next Wave (galvanized looking)
fork-Odyssey Director Built in Race (black)
bars-Odyssey Lum4erjacks (black)
headset-Integrated w/ Sunday Topcap
stem-Odyssey Elementary V2.7
front wheels-Vandero 2, GSport Rib Cage
tire-Aitken Plyte 2.25
pegs-GSport Plegs
seat-Odyssey Veteran Black Denim
post-Odyssey Intac
grips-Odyssey JC
bar ends-Odyssey Parends
rear wheels-GSport Ratchet, GSport Ribcage, GSport Nipples
driver-10T GSport Ratchet
hubguard– GSport Gland MKIII
rear tire-Path Plyte 1.95
cranks-Odyssey Wombolt 175mm
sprocket-27T MDS
chain-KMC Pintle

Weight: 24lbs.

Modifications-Bars 27” wide, Forks trimmed up just perfect for Elementary
Stem Flushness, Stem Slammed, Seat Post Chopped, Pedals have flush pins on
grind side. Hubs, Stem, Bottom Bracket have been hand stripped and
polished. Chrome Wombolt crank is custom.



The one question we hear everyday has got to be, “Where are the Plegs?”

Now, why isn’t this post on the G-Sport website where it belongs? Only because this is the area that seems to be getting all the questions.
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Jim Bauer bike check

Jim Bauer

frame– Metal Rebel Contender, 21′ // Pink/Lav/Brown tile over Mint green
fork– Director Fork prototype // Pink/Lav/Brown tile over Mint green
bars– Civilian Hi // Pink/Lav/Brown tile over Mint green
stem– Elementary V2 w/o tabs
headset– FSA sealed
levers– N/A
saddle– Jim B/Grid limited edition.(sample)
seatpost– 25.4 Intac
clamp– integrated
rims– Odyssey SevenKA 36H Powdecoated Mint Green(R&R powdercoating)
hubs– Gsport Marmoset (f). Odyssey Hazard Cassette (r) (ti axle/ 10 t driver)
sprocket– 30T Vermont
cranks– Odyssey Wombolt cranks(175) prototype // Pink/Lav/Brown tile over Mint green
chain– 510
pedals– Prototype
tires– Odyssey Aitken 2.25(F) 2.1 Path (R)
pegs-GSport Plegs-prototype
grips-Team grips // Lavender(flanges removed)
barends-Par ends
hubguard-Matt Beringer Custom