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GSport Rollcage
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We have a lot of new rims available in various colors for all of your shredding and color-coordinating needs. The top of the line Ribcage rim is now available in the following hard-anodized, brake-friendly colors: red, blue, gold and black. In the Rollcage front, new colors include Fluorescent Pink, Ocean Blue, hard-anodized gold and hard-anodized blue.

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Win G-Sport rims and tanwall tires!

Full video of the shoot over at

There’s a contest going on over at the Ride website where you can win a pair of G-Sport Rollcage rims and a pair of tanwall tires of your choice. It involves the Ramp Resurrection article that was in the latest issue of Ride and the contest is pretty easy to win. Visit for full details.

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24″ Hazard Lites

Hazard Lites for your cruiser!

If you own a cruiser and are looking to upgrade to a light, strong and proven triple wall rim design, now is your chance. 24″ Hazard Lites are in and available in black and chrome. They’re shipping now so your shops should have them very soon!


The Rollcage rims are now back in stock, and we also have brand new 48H available for those that have been requesting them.

Both 36 & 48 Hole Rollcage rims are available in Chrome or Hard Anodize Black.
Contact your local shop for more info.

G-Sport Rollcage

The new G-Sport Rollcage rim is shipping now. What’s a Rollcage? It’s a more affordable version of the Ribcage. How’d we get a lower price? Well, the Rollcage uses standard 6061-T6 aluminum instead of the Ribcage’s proprietary grade, and the Rollcage also goes without the Ribcage’s outermost reinforcing ribs for the spoke nipples – a feature that requires greater precision when it comes to drilling the spoke holes.

The Rollcage makes use of the Ribcage’s proven cross-lacing for improved durability and stronger wheel builds, and also incorporates a similar cross-sectional design that has been narrowed down to 34mm’s. Additionally, this section-shape utilizes thick 2.1mm sidewalls for impact resistance. You’ll be able to tell the Rollcage “by eye” because it has a groove that runs along the center of the rim.

The Rollcage is available now in hard-anodized black or chrome, 36 or 48-H, with a weight of approximately 455g. The rim’s ERD is 390.

We’ve had test riders on the Rollcage rim exclusively for over a year now, and it has proven itself time and again. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate it as much as we have.

Do you like apples?

We just built up a custom wheelset for Chase Hawk and they’re laced up with a couple of our new products; hard anodized Hazard Lite rims and electroplated spokes.

We’re not selling these as complete wheelsets but you can buy just about everything on them separately, with the exception of the nipples. When the G-Sport Taper Hex Nipples come out, they’ll be available in this color.

Well, how do you like them apples?!

Chase Hawk’s new CUSTOM wheels (sold seperately, not available as completes): hard anodized Hazard Lite rims and electroplated spokes.

Orange you glad they’re Hazard Lites?

Orange Hazard Lites
Gary Young’s going to be psyched.

Orange Hazard Lite rims are in and we will be shipping them to distributors over the next week. More photos can be found after the jump.

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Red Hard Anodized Rims

Red Anodized Rims - Available Now!

You may remember these Hazard Lite rims from Chase Hawk’s bike check in March or Jim Bauer’s bike check in June. We have them in stock now, so hit up your shops and roll on some red.

Also, keep in mind that these are hard anodized rims, which means they wont flake or wear easily if you’re running brakes.

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Again, I suck.

Well over a month since the last post, but hey I am slowly getting quicker. Bear with me, and by the end of the decade I might be posting every week…

Anyway, check out this little beauty. This is the new Macadamia Ribcage Rim. It’s a sort of rich chocolatey brown. This is an extra thick version of the hard anodising process we use. As the coating gets thicker it also gets harder so if you want to run brakes then this is for you…. or maybe you just love the funky colour.

These are shipping to US shops NOW so get your order in quick. These are NOT limited edition, this should be a stock option, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt rush out and buy them right now….

I am off to the Interbike show next week. If you are going, then please stop by the Odyssey stand and say hi. We should have lots of cool new stuff to check out…. Soon after we should be able to put some of it up on here for everyone else to check out. So look back in here at the end of the month.



On your marks. Get set. GO!

The other ribcages have finally landed.
Chrome 48s have now been joined by the hard anodised black and natural options in 48 AND 36 hole drilling, and to complete the range the chrome 36’s are hiding in there too. So whatever your ribcage desires, they can now be fullfilled!

Shipping out to distributors and the more discerning shops in the next week or so.

The “Natural” option is kind of a greenish grey hard anodising but is a strictly limited edition, just as hard and long lasting as the black, but a different colour!
When they are gone they are gone so don’t come crying to me if you leave it too late. Order them now to avoid disappointment.

But dont neglect the black and chrome either, they have feelings too you know! Best buy two of each to be safe….