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Justin Simpson Bike Check

FRAME: Mutiny Loosefer, 20.666″
FORK: Mutiny Wands
BAR: Mutiny Glamroids
GRIP: Mutiny Team
LEVER: Odyssey Modulever
STEM: Odyssey Elementary
HEADSET: Odyssey
TIRE (F): Odyssey Aitken
RIM (F): Odyssey Hazard Lite
HUB (F): Odyssey Vandero
TIRE (R): Odyssey Aitken
RIM (R): Odyssey Seven K-A
HUB (R): Odyssey V3 Cassette, 9t
HUB GUARD: Mutiny Hub Buddy
CRANKS: Odyssey Twombolt, 175mm
SPROCKET: Mutiny Ethereal, 28t
CHAIN: Shadow Half-link
SEAT: Mutiny Cockpit
SEAT-POST: Odyssey Convertible
PEGS: Mutiny Lite

Long Live the Gyro!
Elementary Stem
Aitken Tire, P-Lyte
Hazard Lite Rim
Vandero 2 Hub
Evo 2 Brake
Twombolt Cranks (Thunderbolt version available NOW)
JCPC Pedal
Convertible Seat Post
Aitken Tire, K-Lyte
Seven K-A Rim
V3 Cassette Hub

It should be common knowledge by now that Justin Simpson is a beast on a bike. These photos were shot shortly after a heavy session went down on that rainbow rail behind him. Click around the flipbook to see how his Mutiny Loosefer is setup.

We’re dropping our latest ODSY Vision tomorrow, so start guessing in the comments on what went down at this spot!

Dirt Ron Video Bike Check

Tom Perry hooked us up with this video bike check of Dirt Ron showing off his bike and kicking some moves at the skatepark. Thanks guys!

FRAME: Subrosa Pandora DTT
FORK: Freestyle Forks w/990 Mounts
BARS: Gary Young 3
STEM: Classic Front Load
GRIPS: Adam Banton 2
LEVER: Monolever, Medium
BRAKE: Evo 2
HEADSET: Odyssey Sealed Integrated
CRANKS: Twombolt 175
SPROCKET: Million Dollar Sprocket
PEDALS: Twisted PC
CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird
TIRE (F): Aaron Ross 2.35
RIM (F):Hazard Lite, 36H
HUB (F): V3 Cassette, 36H
TIRE (R): Aaron Ross 2.1
RIMS (R): Hazard Lite, 36H
HUB (R): Vandero 2
SEAT: Aitken, Pivotal
SEATPOST: Convertible
SEAT CLAMP: Mr. Clampy Too

Hoang Tran’s new Bike

We sent Hoang a Matte Kelly Green parts kit to build up his new bike and he sent us these photos showing him utilizing his new bike. Hop whip and bars, straight out of the box!

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Available Now:
Matte Kelly Green Kit

The following products are now available in Matte Kelly Green:

Director CS2 Fork
Race Fork Classic
Lumberjack bars
Aaron Ross Spacebars
Gary Young bars
Sealed Headset
Vandero 2 hub
V3 Cassette hub
Hazard Lite rim
Quadrant rim
Evo 2 brakes
Monolever in Medium & Small
Linear SLS cable
Twisted PC pedals
Twombolt cranks
Chase Hawk C-512 sprocket
Sealed Mid bottom bracket
Aaron Ross grip
Adam Banton grip
Chase Hawk grip
Griswald grip
Gary Young grip
Jimmy Levan grip
Matt Beringer grip
Par Ends

Director CS2 and Race Fork CS2
Hazard Lite and Quadrant rims, Vandero 2 and V3 Cassette hubs
Vandero 2 and V3 Cassette hubs
Twisted PC pedals, Twombolt cranks, C-512 sprocket and Sealed Mid BB
Monolevers in Small and Medium, Evo 2 brake and Linear SLS Kable
Aaron Ross Spacebars, Lumberjacks and Gary Young 3 bars
All signature grips and Griswald

Our latest color kit is Matte Kelly Green and it’s AVAILABLE NOW! Contact your local shops and mail-orders to load up on ’em.

New Hazard Lite Wheel Colors

We have a few new colors to add to our fleet of Hazard Lite wheels (Hazard Lite rims laced onto V3 Cassette & Vandero 2 hubs). These guys are available now in Hard Anodized Blue, Hard Anodized Red and Ocean Blue. Hit up your local shops and favorite mail-orders to upgrade!

The V3 Cassette (rear wheel) comes stock with a 14mm axle and the Vandero 2 (front wheel) comes with 3/8″ inbound female axles. If you want to run 3/8″ in the back, you can get our 3/8″ Conversion kit.

New 3/8 Axle Conversion Kit

We now have a dialed 3/8’s conversion kit available for our cassette hubs, which comes with everything you see above.

This axle conversion kit will allow you to modify our standard V3 Cassette hub into an inbound 3/8’s axle with  G-Sport Bolts. Rather than just sawing the ends off of our normal 14mm axle and drilling and tapping the ends, we re-designed the whole thing to use threadless slide on collars so that we could maximize the thickness and strength of the axle. The end result is an axle that is just as strong as the normal 14mm axle but has the clean flush mounting of a female design. The bolts are 3/8″-24 TPI with a 17mm hex head and a 6mm allen key broach just like you get on a Marmoset or Vandero 2 hub. If you don’t have 3/8″ dropouts, we’ve included spacer ring adapters for 14mm frames. This design will handle pegs just as well as the normal 14mm cassette axle.

You can find these at better bike shops, mail orders or on our online store.

Click below to check out a “how-to” on installing one of these bad boys that the dudes at Full Factory put together.

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Justin Simpson Bike Check

Here’s Justin Simpson’s latest ride. As an added bonus, there’s even some riding footage thrown in at the end!

Watch the vid and then say hi to him on Twitter @JShemidragon!

Chase Hawk Bike Check

FRAME: Cult Bad Boy
FORK: Classic Race, CS2
HEADSET: Odyssey Sealed
BARS: Lumberjack
STEM: Prototype
GRIPS: Adam Banton 2
CRANKS: Twombolt, LHD, 180mm
PEDALS: Twisted PC
SPROCKET: C-512, 30t
CHAIN: Bluebird w/Halflink
TIRE (F): Aitken, KLyte, 2.25″
TIRE (R): Aitken, KLyte, 2.1″
RIMS: G-Sport Rollcage
HUBS (F): Vandero 2
HUBS (R): V3 Cassette, LHD, 9t,
PEGS: JPeg Lighter
SEAT: Aitken
POST: Convertible

It’s been a while since we last did a bike check with Chase Hawk. His bike is orange these days and loaded with our latest stuff, including his new signature sprocket! One other cool thing to note about Chase’s bike is his drive-train is manly! 180mm Twombolts, 30t C-512 sprocket and a 9t cog on his V3 Cassette. His bike is setup for speed and blasting high.

Tom Dugan

Here is Tom Dugan’s latest ride, courtesy of

Hard Anodized Red Wheels

Our 24″ Hazard Lite complete wheels are now available in Hard Anodized Red. You can get a front wheel laced to our Vandero 2 hub or a rear wheel laced to our V3 Cassette. These are available now so hit up your local shops or mail-orders to upgrade your 24″ cruiser!

20″ sizes will be available soon.