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Somebody asked about white Trailmix pedals a week or two ago. Here’s a photo, although I’m not sure when these will be available. (My guess would be a month or two.) Gold and high-polished will be in shops in 3-4 weeks, pending inspection.

These are in the final stages of testing, and should be available relatively soon. I’ll post an update when I have more. The 6 degree back and upsweep model will be out first.

Chase “B.S. Bar”: 8 inches tall // 26 inches wide // 6 degrees upsweep // 6 degrees backsweep // 1 lb. 9.5 oz. // Black // 41-Thermal Lifetime Warranty

Chase “No B.S. Bar”: 7.675 inches tall // 25 inches wide // 3 degrees upsweep // 0 degrees backsweep // 1 lb. 9 oz. (approx.) // Black // 41-Thermal Lifetime Warranty


While we’re talking about flatland, the Classic Flatland Forks are in production for zero and regular offset, and should be available within the next month or two. We will be making these in small batches, so this should give us the freedom to change options depending on the order. For example, we’d be able to do future batches of the regular offset with “removable mounts”, or the zero offset fork with “no mounts”, and so on. “Director-style” Flatland forks are a possibility, but there are no solid plans as of this date.

Regular Offset Fork: 2 lbs. 2 oz. (uncut 190mm steerer tube with pre-load bolt installed) // Tapered legs are pushed inward and notched on the inside // 5mm “regular offset” dropouts with radiused outer edges // Extended “Classic Race” steerer tube with 07 crown junction and front cable slot // 3/8” axle slots // flush-mount, cable friendly, 7075 pre-load bolt // Welded brake mounts // Rustproof finishing prior to powdercoating // Black, Limited // 41-Thermal Lifetime Warranty

Zero Offset Fork: 2 lbs. 3 oz. (uncut 190mm steerer tube with pre-load bolt installed) // Tapered legs are pushed inward and notched on the inside // 5mm “zero offset” dropouts with radiused outer edges // Extended “Classic Race” steerer tube with 07 crown junction and front cable slot // 3/8” axle slots // flush-mount, cable friendly, 7075 pre-load bolt // Removable brake mounts // Rustproof finishing prior to powdercoating // Black, Limited // 41-Thermal Lifetime Warranty



The one question we hear everyday has got to be, “Where are the Plegs?”

Now, why isn’t this post on the G-Sport website where it belongs? Only because this is the area that seems to be getting all the questions.
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Vandero 2

Vandero 2 wheels are shipping to shops and distributors now. You can expect them to be available in a week or two (if not sooner). As with all new machine built wheels, we highly recommend re-tensioning and re-truing the wheel after a few days of continuous use. Individual Vandero 2 hubs will be available soon.


– Black Vandero 2 Hub (36-H only).
– Black OEM Spokes.
– Hazard Lite Rim (chrome or hard anodized black).
– 2 lbs. 3 oz. with stock rim strip.
– Pricing will be slightly higher than the original Vandero wheel, but should remain in the same basic range.


The Vandero 2 is over three ounces lighter than the original Vandero, with only a minimal change in the suggested retail price. Employing G-Sport axle technology, this is essentially a mix of the Vandero and the Marmoset. What’s the difference? The Marmoset has a stronger axle, bigger bearings and uses the highest quality materials available. The Vandero 2 is an affordable alternative that allows us to make reasonably priced factory built wheels.

– 17mm 7075-T6 helicoiled aluminum axle
– 3/8″ G-Sport axle bolts w/17mm wrench flats & 6mm allen key slots.
– 2014-T6 forged Vandero hub shell (36-H only).
– 7075-T6 collars.
– 8.5 ounces (weight includes all hardware.)
– Black, Polished and limited editions.

Recent steps have been taken to ensure that the bearing seats on all of our hubs are being held to the tightest possible machining tolerances during manufacturing. We guarantee it.

A big post on the Plegs will be up tomorrow. They’re not available yet, but we’ll give you a lot of news on where we’re at, as well as some interesting comments from the riders that are using them right now.

CRAZY WEDNESDAY…and quick responses

We got a ton of used Herman Miller office furniture from an architecture firm that closed down this morning, and we’ve been in meetings the rest of the day.

More product updates on Thursday.

Some quick answers/responses to things so far:

1. Ben’s cranks in the Director Fork thread are powdercoated white.
2. Director Forks with different offsets (mild/zero) may be available at some point in 2008.
3. Director Forks will only be 3/8″.
4. We are all fully aware that other examples of raked, straight-to-axle fork legs exist (Mongoose, Tange, Colnago, Wright Brothers, etc.). We have never claimed this as an “original” feature. Please read the information we’ve posted if you can’t grasp the differences by looking at a photo.
5. Director Fork pricing will be a bit higher than the Classic Forks.
6. I will try to get some Flatland Fork info up by Friday.
7. JC/PC pedals are still in the pre-production stages but should be moving along relatively quickly.


Director Forks are shipping now.

– New steerer tube and leg joint is stronger than conventional designs.
– Butted and tapered “direct” legs prevent rail and grind hang-ups.
– 10mm hollow integrated leg dropouts.
– 1 lb. 15.6 oz. (895.8g) with uncut 170mm steerer tube and pre-load bolt.
– 3/8” axle slots only.
– Rustproof finishing prior to powdercoating.
– Black and white (limited soon).

Expect to see them at distributors/shops in roughly two weeks.
Info straight from the box is as follows:

While the Director Fork may look different from what you’re used to, the geometry and feel is an identical match with traditional forks. The axle is in the same position as it would be with a “normal” fork design.

The Director’s differences are rooted in the use of new construction techniques. The steerer tube is connected to the legs by using a joint design that is a substantial improvement over ordinary tubular crown forks. The legs have been angled forward so the hollow dropouts can blend smoothly into the leg tubing, while also maintaining a “traditional” axle position. By running the legs “directly” from where the load is applied (at the steerer tube), to where it is reacted against (at the axle), the mechanical efficiency has been maximized in this structure. The end result is improved performance and durability.

The dropouts are formed from the leg itself, rather than being a basic welded on plate that is left to “flap in the breeze” like on a conventional fork. This design, combined with a 10mm thickness, makes bent dropouts a thing of the past. The hollow dropouts are not only dramatically stronger, they’re lighter too.

While weighing in at less than most “racing specific” chromoly forks, the Director Fork is intended for use with every style of riding.

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I’ll post availability info and details on things like the Vandero 2 wheel and the Director Fork tomorrow.

I will also include an update on where we’re at with the infamous G-Sport Plegs. As you can see from this quick shot, part of our durability research has involved a long-term Labrador puppy chew test. (Lab pups are chewing machines.)


Here’s the first post about the products in our latest shipment. I’ll put more info up next week on things like the Vandero 2 wheels, Director Forks, etc…


– Same shape, materials and spindles as the original JC pedal.
– Slimmed-down bridge sections and longer gripping pins.
– Knurl-free contact surface to prevent dirt from getting clogged.
– 19.8* ounces (looseball aluminum – pair).
– All new 17mm wrench-flat spindle ends (with 6mm allen key slots).
– Black, Gold, High-Polished, Limited.
– Looseball or Sealed.
– Replacement pins included.
– Aluminum now. Magnesium later.
– Organtic, not organic.

Made at the request of riders like Taj, and some of JC’s other friends, the Trailmix is a lighter-weight version of the original pedal (still in production) that leans more toward trail riding with it’s longer pins, slimmer bridges, and knurl-free gripping surface. The pedals also feature our new 17mm hex-end spindle wrench flats that will accept the width of most adjustable wrenches – helping to simplify assembly when traveling (6mm allen key slot also included).

Our first delivery is looseball, black aluminum only. These should be at distributors and shops in roughly two weeks. Other colors and options will be available at a later date.

*The original JC looseball aluminum pedals are 24.8 ounces (for the pair).

Product update…very soon…

I’ll post a lot of news on the contents of our latest shipment by the end of this week.

Thanks for being patient with us.



Head over to the G-Sport site for info on the new Gland MKIII. Smaller, lighter, more affordable and with lots of little details that improve on the already proven MK II version. Shipping to distributors and shops now.


After receiving a bunch of phone calls and e-mails about this, we’ve got to say that we’re flattered (and a little confused) by the profound influence that Adam Banton’s BETA Bag seems to have had over Carhartt Europe’s latest backpack.