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Two new Jim Cielencki pedals will be available later this year.

First will be the Trailmix. This is essentially a lighter version of the original pedal that tends to lean more toward trail riding with its longer pins, slimmer bridge sections, and lack of knurling. Aluminum and magnesium bodies will be available. You’ll also be able to choose from sealed or loose ball configurations.

Next will be the JC/PC, or “pledals”. As you’ve already guessed, this is a plastic body design. Jim has been testing the first prototypes for a long time now and is very excited about them. There are some unique features on this pedal that we’ll let you know more about as the project develops.

The Trailmix won’t be out until at least mid-Spring and the JC/PC pedal won’t be ready for sale until Summer at the earliest.

I’ll post pictures as we get further along in the production cycles.

“K” is for Kevin

Kevin Jones changed flatland forever by introducing the rolling tricks and links that would become the modern building blocks for riders everywhere.

Always up for a challenge, check out this clip of the Unibike that popped up on Myspace a while ago.

Kevin’s signature frame, the 2007 incarnation of the Big Daddy, will be out from Hoffman Bikes soon.

Final Exam Jam:
Athens, GA:

Kent Pearson is throwing the annual Final Exam Flatland Jam in Athens, GA on January 6, 2007.

Check the flyer for all the info!

G-Sport Site Update

George is back on a posting rampage, so be sure to check out the site.


For those that need it, here’s more detail on steps “9” and “13” from the original Wombolt instruction sheet.

Lumberjack Bar

Rise: 8-1/4″
Width: 28″
Upsweep: 1 degree
Backsweep: 12 degrees
Weight: 1 lb. 12.5 oz.
Colors: Black and Limited

– Butted tubing throughout.
– 41-Thermal Lifetime Guarantee.

Various friends and team riders are on them now.

Available in December/January.

Par End Preview

Bar ends should be simple and light. They need to protect your bars from crashes, but they also need to protect you from your bars. With this in mind we have designed our new Par Ends. A super tough, virtually solid, park friendly, plastic bar end. They’re less than an ounce per pair (0.8oz/23g) and will be offered at a very affordable price.

Formed as a single part, Par Ends fit both inside and outside your bars for a solid location. They simply expand outwards to lock into the inside of your bars without leaving any sharp edges exposed.

Par Ends are scheduled to be in shops by early 2007.

DBZ = G.O.A.T.

DBZ sent us this in the mail the other day.

The contents consisted of T-shirts, a VHS tape from 1995 and a few other items that were all highly appreciated by everyone here.


G-Sport Product News

George has been in a posting frenzy. Check out more of the new products shown at Interbike by heading over to

JC’s Meteorology

Thanks to Jim Cielencki for tonight’s weather report from Buffalo. This was taken at 5:00 pm EST.

Guess I picked the right day to go to the beach.

*Western NY seeks revenge on California