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GUEST LIST 2 with Gary Young and Corey Martinez

Introducing GUEST LIST, a new series presented by Full Factory Distribution. They’ll ask 1 affiliated rider from the brands they distribute to invite a non-affiliated rider for a day sesh on the private Full Factory ramps. Gary Young for Odyssey is up first, and he put Corey Martinez on the Guest List. Enjoy!

Corey Walsh Bike Check

Get a closer look at Corey Walsh’s current setup, along with some great antics and riding.


Corey Walsh, Gary Young, Dennis Enarson, Perris Benegas, Justin Spriet, Tom Dugan, and Noah Miranda. SAY LESS! Enjoy.

Video by Zach Krejmas.
Art by Dave Fortman.
Photography by Scott Marceau.

Corey Walsh Bike Check by Source BMX

Van Homan and Source BMX take a look at Corey Walsh’s current setup. Enjoy!

Corey Walsh:
Kanode Knows Podcast

Corey Walsh sits down for the latest Kanode Knows podcast. They cover a bunch of stuff, click play and enjoy.

Mike Aitken:
Unclicked Podcast

The GOAT. Check out Mike Aitken on UNCLICKED Podcast.

Johnny Raekes:
Kanode Knows Podcast

Our newest pro is the latest guest on the Kanode Knows podcast. Enjoy!

Johnny Raekes:
Welcome To The Pro Team

Welcome to the Odyssey PRO team Johnny Raekes! Merging tricks into mind-bending technical maneuvers and never-been-done combos, Johnny’s riding is sure to make you say “WTF!”. We’re absolutely stoked to have him on board. Check out this video that Johnny banged out on his recent trip to Austin, and keep an eye out for more in the future.

Filmed by Trent Lutzke Edited by Zach Krejmas.

Music by Malcolm Strachan.
“Cut to the Chase” – Haggis Records.


Boyd Hilder recently paid a visit to Bali and Jakarta to explore their amazing concrete parks and pristine beaches, but not all trips are smooth sailing. Along the way, Boyd and Salad dealt with rain, injuries and even a scooter collision of all things. Boyd still soldiered on and came through with a solid enjoyable video, so click play and enjoy!

Video by Troy Charlesworth


Here’s a behind the scenes look at Gary working on the final clip in his FOREVER YOUNG part. Enjoy!