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VX Edit #2

Odyssey and Sunday are proud to present the latest ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY VX video, masterfully edited by Erik Elstran and filmed by and starring Erik, Mark Burnett, Broc Raiford, Jake Seeley, Chris Childs, Gary Young, Brett Silva, Brandon Webster, Tom Dugan, John Mayo, and Jacob Sanger. Everyone’s already hard at work on the next one, and filming for the HD videos is going incredibly well. Stay tuned…

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Brandon Webster 2017

Brandon Webster is a proud Canadian, devout fisherman, hard worker, and incredible bike rider. Even with a full-time job and hours spent on the lake daily, Brandon still found time to film this killer video, traveling when he could and steadily stacking clips in locations as far flung as Austin, Miami, and Southern California. Brandon’s riding is a fantastic mix of tech and burly, and even his most tech moves are landed with such authority that they almost seem burly. Clips don’t always come easy for Brandon, but his determination sees him through, and I’m sure you’ll agree this part is well worth all the time and effort he’s put into it.

DIG BMX- On The Spot w/ Odyssey

During the recent Miami trip, DIG sat down with Brandon, Travis, Justin, Matt and Broc and hit them with some questions on the spot. Click play and enjoy!

Click below to watch the full Odyssey VS. Miami video.

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Odyssey VS. Miami

Miami. What a crazy place. The entire Odyssey team spent a week in this outrageous palm tree and concrete jungle, and every day was a struggle. Tom Dugan, who’s back was already tweaked prior to the trip, had his bike stolen the first day. Jacob Cable fell deathly ill and was bedridden for most of the trip. Our Airbnb host tried to steal our bike rack, and our jet ski tour guide lost his shit when we were, according to him, being too reckless on the jet skis (he worries too much and also needs to chill). And we got kicked out of a lot of spots. And not just kicked out, but brutally screamed at and degraded, or even physically attacked. But the Odyssey team will not be stopped. These guys rode as hard as they could every day, banded together against those trying to prevent us from doing our thing, and filmed a damn fine video, even in the face of so much adversity. Enjoy!

Featuring Aaron Ross, Brandon Webster, Broc Raiford, Gary Young, Justin Spriet, Jacob Cable, Matt Nordstrom, and Travis Hughes.

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Brandon Webster
Bike Check

MacNeil Default Frame, 20.75″
Odyssey Sweepstakes Handlebars

Lifetime Warranty.
Multi-Butted Tubing.
41-Thermal® processed 4130 chromoly.

9″ Rise
29″ Wide
10.5° Backsweep
4° Upsweep

Odyssey Raft Stem

Broc Raiford’s signature RAFT stem is a classic top load design with 50mm of reach and a 30mm rise.

Headset pre-load bolt recess (32mm diameter).
6061-T6 aluminum. CNC machined.
11.4 Oz

Odyssey Dugan Tires, 2.4"

Tom Dugan Signature.
Motorcycle style tread.
20×2.30″ or 20×2.40″
Black, Red, or Gum (Blackwall).

Odyssey Pursuit Grips

Our Pursuit grips feature wavy horizontal ribbing and other design cues to mimic how people usually wear their grips in. A textured section at the outer end allows for a very comfortable feel overall. The flat part of the grip takes its inspiration from our Pursuit’s popular tire tread and the whole grip feels thin overall.

Available in Black, Grey, and Gum.
Par Ends included.

Odyssey R25 Forks

Proven 41-Thermal® processed 4130 chromoly.
Legendary lifetime replacement warranty.
New, optimized, 4mm dropout shape for grind and peg clearance.
Available with 32mm or 25mm offset.

Odyssey Graduate Pegs, Plastic (Coming Soon)

This 4.5” peg features a full 4130 core with a long-lasting, fast-sliding, plastic sleeve.

Sold individually.
14mm with 3/8” adapters only.
Replacement sleeves sold separately.

Odyssey Antigram Front Hub with G-Sport Gland MKIV Guards

36-hole, 7075-T6 aluminum shell.
17mm, 7075-T6 aluminum axle.
3/8″ inbound, 4130 chromoly axle bolts.

Odyssey Vintage Military Seat with Tripod Post

Constructed from re-purposed vintage military canvas which we sourced from downtown Los Angeles. Army Green only.

The Tripod version provides a wide base, and beefy padding. It offers a cleaner look, while still being re-inforced for strength.

Odyssey La Guardia Sprocket, 25-T

With a built-in full guard, this sprocket lives up to its name, helping to protect your chain from anything you can throw at it. Sprocket thickness increases towards the guard area for greater strength. Compatible with all chain widths.

Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks, LHD, 170mm

Available with Traditional, Spline, or Socket Drive interface.
165mm, 170mm, 175mm or 180mm arms.
Left or right hand drive.
1lb 11.8oz.

Odyssey Grandstand PC Pedals

Tom Dugan Signature.
Genuinely Thin Body:
17mm at center with uninterrupted dual concave.
Foot-sized 105mm wide.
Full Size 14mm heat-treated axle with 17mm wrench flats and 6mm broach.
Black or Clear plastic bodies with 8 oversize plastic pins per side.

Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster

A traditional clutch-based coaster hub design that eliminates all of the problematic elements on ordinary hubs and only keeps the parts that work. A new, super-strong axle, bearing configuration, and drag mechanism design stops the need for constant repairs. Equipped with external slack adjustment (can be adjusted without removing the rear wheel), and a plastic hub guard.

Odyssey Graduate Pegs, Plastic (Coming Soon)

This 4.5” peg features a full 4130 core with a long-lasting, fast-sliding, plastic sleeve.

Sold individually.
14mm with 3/8” adapters only.
Replacement sleeves sold separately.

You can’t go wrong with an all black bike that’s built up with solid parts. That vintage military seat adds a nice accent to the whole package, too. Click around to learn more about Brandon’s current bike!

FRAME: MacNeil Default, 20.75″
FORKS: Odyssey R25
BARS: Odyssey Sweepstakes, 9″
STEM: Odyssey Raft
GRIPS: Odyssey Pursuit
HEADSET: Odyssey Pro, Conical
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, LHD, 170mm
SPROCKET: Odyssey La Guardia, 25-T
PEDALS: Odyssey Grandstand PC
CHAIN: Odyssey Key Chain, Hollow Pin
SEAT: Odyssey Vintage Military
SEAT POST: Odyssey Tripod
PEGS: Odyssey Graduate, 4.5″ (Coming Soon)
RIMS: Odyssey Seven K-A
FRONT HUB: Odyssey Antigram
REAR HUB: Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster
HUB GUARDS: G-Sport Gland MKIV (front), Odyssey Clutch Guard (rear non-drive side), and Kink Universal (rear drive side)
TIRES: Odyssey Dugan, 2.4″

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Lunch Money
All In

Watch 7 minutes of the best clips from the crew’s week in Denver.

LUNCH MONEY: Starring Matt Nordstrom, Julian Arteaga, Mark Burnett, Brandon Webster, Travis Hughes, and Jacob Cable.

Presented by Full Factory, Odyssey, and Sunday. Subscribe to Full Factory’s YouTube Channel to keep posted!

Lunch Money
Day 6

Welcome to the final installment of LUNCH MONEY! Who do you think is gonna come away with the free trip? Get ready for the mix video with all the guys’ best clips dropping tomorrow at noon west coast time!

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Lunch Money
Day 5

Day 5 of LUNCH MONEY was the crew’s strongest day, don’t sleep on it!

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Lunch Money
Day 4

LUNCH MONEY Day 4. You guessed it, it was another solid day in Denver. Little bit of rain won’t stop this crew.

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Lunch Money
Day 3

Day 3 of LUNCH MONEY is live! We only had time for one spot before we went to hang out at Pusher BMX for the afternoon, but the dudes made the most of it.

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