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Two teams.
One trip anywhere in the world.
You decide.

Videos and voting go live 11/24/17.

Featuring Broc Raiford, Gary Young, Justin Spriet, Matt Nordstrom, Tommy Dugan, Travis Hughes, Jacob Cable, Aaron Ross, Alec Siemon, Brett Silva, Chris Childs, Erik Elstran, Jake Seeley, Mark Burnett, Jared Duncan, and Julian Arteaga.

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VX Edit #1

Odyssey and Sunday are proud to present the first of four monthly VX videos filmed and edited by our incredibly multitalented team riders while out at the Odyssey vs Sunday house. This month we’ve got Mark Burnett, Jared Duncan, Justin Spriet, Julian Arteaga, Jacob Cable, Alec Siemon, and Chris Childs killing it on both sides of the lens, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

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Twisted Pro with Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes

Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes gets some lines in on our Twisted Pro Pedals.

While staying true to the original Twisted PC’s style, the Twisted PRO offers a significantly larger body shape, slimmer height and more concave while still being built around a traditional loose-ball bearing configuration.


  • High-strength Nylon composite
  • 12 oversized pins per side
  • Traditional looseball bearings
  • Chromoly spindle
  • High-strength plastic composite
  • Wider & longer pedal body
  • Larger concave area
  • Slimmer profile


  • 9/16″ spindle
  • 104mm Width
  • 98mm Length
  • 14.6 oz (pair)

Jacob Cable

Hit DIG BMX to get a closer look at Jacob Cable’s current setup.

Bike Check:
Jacob Cable

Hit play and check out Jacob’s current setup!

Jacob Cable
Bike Check

Kink Titan Frame, 21"

STEM: Odyssey BOSS
HEADSET: Odyssey PRO (Conical)
FORK: Odyssey R25

Kink Grizzle Bar
Odyssey ROSS Tires, 2.3"

Aaron Ross Signature
Available in Black, White, or Gum.

Odyssey R25 Forks

Legendary Lifetime Warranty
25mm steep offset
4mm thick dropouts
3/8″ axle slot
885 grams

Odyssey ROSS Tires, 2.3"

Aaron Ross Signature
Available in Black, White, or Gum.

Odyssey FANG Sprocket, 28-T

7075 Aluminum
Available in 25, 28 or 30T
Standard, Spline, or Socket Drive™

Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks, 170mm

Legendary Lifetime Warranty
170mm, 175mm or 180mm Sizes
Left or right hand drive
1lb 11.8oz

Odyssey Grandstand PC Pedals

Genuinely Thin Body:
17mm at center with uninterrupted dual concave.
Foot-sized 105mm wide.
Full Size 14mm heat-treated axle with 17mm wrench flats and 6mm broach.
Black or Clear plastic bodies with 8 oversize plastic pins per side.

Odyssey Graduate Pegs

4.5″ Plastic Peg with Full 4130 Core
14mm with 3/8” adapters (included)
Replacement Sleeves Sold Separately
4.5 oz (9 oz for a pair)

In case you haven’t noticed, Jacob’s bike is looking clean.

FRAME: Kink Titan, 21″
FORK: Odyssey R25
HANDLEBAR: Kink Grizzly
STEM: Odyssey BOSS
HEADSET: Odyssey PRO (Conical)
GRIPS: Odyssey Broc Raiford
SEAT POST: Kink Pivotal
SEAT CLAMP: Integrated
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 170mm
SPROCKET: Odyssey FANG, 28-T
PEDALS: Odyssey Grandstand, PC
CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird
TIRES: Odyssey ROSS, 2.3″
FRONT WHEEL: Hazard Lite Wheel
Hazard Lite Rim laced to Odyssey Antigram Hub
REAR WHEEL: Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster Wheel
Hazard Lite Rim laced to a Clutch Freecoaster Hub
PEGS: Odyssey Graduate

Monster Mash Trailer

Monster Mash from the Common Crew is close. Peep the trailer above and be sure to head out to the premiere if you can.

Odyssey VS. Miami

Miami. What a crazy place. The entire Odyssey team spent a week in this outrageous palm tree and concrete jungle, and every day was a struggle. Tom Dugan, who’s back was already tweaked prior to the trip, had his bike stolen the first day. Jacob Cable fell deathly ill and was bedridden for most of the trip. Our Airbnb host tried to steal our bike rack, and our jet ski tour guide lost his shit when we were, according to him, being too reckless on the jet skis (he worries too much and also needs to chill). And we got kicked out of a lot of spots. And not just kicked out, but brutally screamed at and degraded, or even physically attacked. But the Odyssey team will not be stopped. These guys rode as hard as they could every day, banded together against those trying to prevent us from doing our thing, and filmed a damn fine video, even in the face of so much adversity. Enjoy!

Featuring Aaron Ross, Brandon Webster, Broc Raiford, Gary Young, Justin Spriet, Jacob Cable, Matt Nordstrom, and Travis Hughes.

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Jacob Cable
Bike Check

Odyssey R32 Fork

Proven 41-Thermal® processed 4130 chromoly.
Legendary lifetime replacement warranty.
New, optimized, 4mm dropout shape for grind and peg clearance.

Odyssey R32 Fork

32mm traditional offset.
3/8” axle slots.
Starting at 1lb 15.2oz (885 grams).

Odyssey Antigram Front Hub with Antigram Hub Guards

Part of the Odyssey Hazard Lite Front Wheel.
36-hole, 7075-T6 aluminum shell.
17mm, 7075-T6 aluminum axle.
3/8″ inbound, 4130 chromoly axle bolts.
Compatible hub guard (Optional).

Kink Wolf Handlebars
Odyssey Dugan Tires, 2.3"

Tom Dugan Signature.
Motorcycle style tread.
20×2.30″ or 20×2.40″.
Black, Red, or Gum (Blackwall).

Kink SXTN Seat
Odyssey Fang Sprocket, 28t

Available in 25, 28 or 30T.
7075 Aluminum.
Standard, Spline, or Socket Drive™.

Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks, RHD, 170mm

Traditional or Socket Drive interface.
170mm, 175mm or 180mm arms.
Left or right hand drive.
1lb 11.8oz.

Odyssey Grandstand PC Pedals

Tom Dugan Signature.
Genuinely Thin Body:
17mm at center with uninterrupted dual concave.
Foot-sized 105mm wide.
Full Size 14mm heat-treated axle with 17mm wrench flats and 6mm broach.
Black or Clear plastic bodies with 8 oversize plastic pins per side.

Click around to learn more about Jacob’s current bike.

FRAME: Kink Titan 21″
FORK: Odyssey R32
STEM: Odyssey TL48
HEADSET: Odyssey Pro, Conical
GRIPS: Odyssey Tom Dugan
SEATPOST: Kink Stealth
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolts, RHD, 170mm
SPROCKET: Odyssey Fang, 28t
PEDALS: Odyssey Grandstand PC
CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird
TIRES: Odyssey Dugan, 2.3″
FRONT WHEEL: Odyssey Hazard Lite Front Wheel
(Hazard Lite Rim laced to Antigram Front Hub)
REAR WHEEL: Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster Wheel
(Hazard Lite Rim laced to Clutch Freecoaster Hub)
HUB GUARDS: Antigram Guards (Front) and Clutch Guard (Rear)

Lunch Money
All In

Watch 7 minutes of the best clips from the crew’s week in Denver.

LUNCH MONEY: Starring Matt Nordstrom, Julian Arteaga, Mark Burnett, Brandon Webster, Travis Hughes, and Jacob Cable.

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